Dangerous Doubles presented by Latitude 64 - Hammond Park

Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Hammond Park in Emporia, Kansas
Disc golf doubles tournament

Dangerous Doubles presented by Latitude 64 - Hammond Park graphic

About this tournament

Dangerous Doubles & the South of 64 Series are coming to Emporia KS!!!

Dangerous Doubles events have been run all over the country, and now it's Emporia's turn! Hammond Park is a fan favorite, and in an effort to give everyone a chance to play we are using two pools, that will play one round each. You can play in multiple pools.

The Morning Round is the B Pool Round and consists of -
FA1, MA2, MA3, FA3.

The Afternoon Round is the A Pool Round and consists of -
Coed, MPO, FPO, and MA1.

Dangerous Doubles is DANGEROUS! Holes 1-3 are Alternate Shot, 4 - 6 are Worst Shot(this is true Worst Shot. Both team members must make the putt. Ace's count for the Ace Pot, but both team members must Ace for a 1 on the scorecard), and 7 - 9 are Best Shot.

Player Pack Info -
B Pool -
Disc Golf Shirt, $10 Voucher good at the Latitude 64 RV that will be onsite, and $10 per team will go to payout. That's 160+% Player Value!

A Pool -
Open divisions are straight cash, plus FREE LUNCH. Coed, and MA1 receive the same player pack as B Pool.

Lunch is FREE for both Pools! We'll have hot dogs, chips, and soda/water for everyone!

So excited to bring the show to Emporia! See ya there fam!

Refund policy

South of 64 Series - Tyler Searle is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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