Dallas Trilogy Challenge

Sunday, May 28, 2017 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


Dallas Trilogy Challenge graphic


Tournament DirectorTiger Discs

About this tournament

This is a Trilogy Challenge. You will be supplied with 3 discs. These are the only discs you can use! It is an awesome opportunity to get 3 discs that have not been released yet. You will receive a Dynamic Prime Deputy putter, Westside Vip pine midrange and Lat 64 disc Opto River Pro. (ummmh River!!!) You will also get a shirt and other swag.

Refund policy

Tiger Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Current Standings

Round 1: Dallas City Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Mr. Snap49
2Gusty Golden50
3Tyson Long51
4Matt Bressler53
6Dustin Klock55
6Eric Tilgner55
6JT Wilson55
6Jacob Postell55
6Mike Wilson55
11Jason Kramer56
11Richard Syputa56
11Russ Brown56
11Steve Meyer56
15Chris Rosanbalm57
15Don Tunstall57
15Jeremy Ledbetter57
18Daniel Patterson58
19Austin Chipman59
19Brad Schmiddt59
19Jacob Paredes59
22James Johnson60
22Luke Hargrove60
22gary fitzgerald60
25Dennis hogstrom61
25Erik Schwab61
25Jared Link61
25Jeff Heltsley61
29Richard Becker62
30Jon Egner63
30Jon Egner jr63
32Jeffrey Pierceall64
32Jonathan Hooton64
35Lily Lee65
36Dima Darmanchev66
36Jeffrey Hooton66
36Kimberly (bigpoppa) hogstom66
39Mark Fast67
39Matthew North67
39Michelle Syputa67
42Zach Hatefi68
43Denzell Johnson69
44Tyler Neisen70
45Nate Lyman71
46Chris Goemaere72
46David Goemaere72
48Phil Bray73
49John Kennedy74
50Cassie Hooton75
50Tessa Patterson75
52Nathan Kennedy90
53Keith Taylor95
54Cole Henderson-
54Victor Darmanchev-