DaceyLand Dubz

Fri-Sun, May 7-16, 2021 at Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Best Disc Doubles ( Bring Your Own Partner) playing 1 Round Blue to Blue at Borderland, and 1 round of Dacey Blues.

On UDISC Blue to Blue (RD1) will be listed on the "League" tab from May 1-16 meanwhile Dacey Blue will be listed as separate event from May 1-16. Both rounds can be played right away or over the span of 3 weeks!


Notes for the players meeting:

1. PDGA rules are in effect,
2. No 2 Meter Rule!!!!
3. All out of bounds should be marked on the sign and have a yellow rope/tape to mark the OB line
4. As always, if you have any question on a ruling that the group cannot agree on, take a provisional shot and come and speak with the TD before turning in the score card.
5. Team must play with at least 1 other team playing in the event for the round to count.

TD: Alex Sakash and Raivis Markons-Craig

Divisions: $60 Pro/Pro, $50 Mixed (1 Male/1 Female), $40 Am/Am


Mixed, and Pro paid in cash money with 6$ to course funds, AM's playing for trophy, 6$ to course funds split evenly between both courses. If discs are available from manufacturers, AMs will receive a disc player pack and left over funds after disc and course funds will be paid out. If no discs are available, ams receive cash minus the course funds.

The total field is limited to 60 teams.

Pro: 25 teams (50 players)
Am: 25 teams (50 players)
Mixed: 10 teams (20 players)

Can I rebuy In?
No, there are no rebuys for this event. 2 Rounds Best Score Together Wins.

Can I play a round with players in different divisions than me?
Yes! At least 2 other event participants from the tourney needs to be on the card. They don’t have to log an official round and can act as witnesses.

How do I log my round?
All rounds will be entered through the Udisc League. There will be two flex leagues with the same date range. Be sure to select the correct event based on the layout you are playing. Players must check in for each event/round.

When will I know if we won?
The Dacey and Borderland clubs will announce winner and tally all scores together May 16th 2021 evening. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook groups!

On Discgolfscene it says May 1-10 does this run till 16th?
Yes Disgolfscene won't let us put tourneys longer than 10 days therefore can't update it.

I had a bad start to my round, can I delete the round and start over?
No! Once your round starts, it is official. No first tee mulligans, restarts, re-buy, etc.

Refund policy

Dacey Fields Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Borderland State Park - Main course Blue tees (long) to Blue baskets (long), 18 holes, par 68
Round 2: Dacey Fields - Main Course Blue Tees (Long), 18 holes, par 62
1Cody Kingman
David Galvin
5250102 (-28)$30
2Abraham Smith
Matt Tavares
5748105 (-25)$27
3Derek Riley
Zac Anderson
5653109 (-21)$24
3Nate Hartmann
Steve McNaney
5752109 (-21)$24
5Brian Lively
Nick Berry
6249111 (-19)$22
5Bryce Carson
Tyler Riel
5754111 (-19)$22
7Jason Giampapa
John Giampapa
5954113 (-17)$19
7Josh Lapine
TJ Kuhn
5261113 (-17)$19
9Dan Laviolette
Erik Dwyer
6153114 (-16)$14
10Justin Hefler
Kyle MacRae
6055115 (-15)$12
11Ben Cuddy
Reuben Graff
6551116 (-14)$10
12Chuck Tammaro
Nicholas Cage
6355118 (-12)
12Ian Darling
Sway Guerra
6058118 (-12)
12Jimmy Scanlon
Zack Pepin
6355118 (-12)
12Michael Nolan
Robert Glas
6157118 (-12)
16Jeff Brighenti
Mark Ledwich
6257119 (-11)
16Kevin Hallal
Seth Garon
6455119 (-11)
18Adam Gingras
Matthew Kron
6159120 (-10)
18Charlie Crosby
James Willmuth
6456120 (-10)
18Cory Mort
Will Reusch
6555120 (-10)
18Max McConaghy
Will Raich
6258120 (-10)
18Ryan Desjeunes
Steinard Vasques
6654120 (-10)
23Dante Scarano
Derek Wiseman
6758125 (-5)
24Greg Dowdell
Marshall Naimo
6859127 (-3)
25Jason Lavoie
Robert Bergdoll
6662128 (-2)
26Brandon Perreira
Frank Gay
7362135 (+5)
27David Clarke
Eric Chapdelaine
7268140 (+10)
Round 1: Borderland State Park - Main course Blue tees (long) to Blue baskets (long), 18 holes, par 68
Round 2: Dacey Fields - Main Course Blue Tees (Long), 18 holes, par 62
1Rose Stolo
Tony Shertick
5554109 (-21)$200
2Casey Colors
Samuel Henderson
5755112 (-18)$120
3Amanda Borgman
James Barron
6255117 (-13)$90
4Emily Hanson
Rick Steehler
5959118 (-12)$60
5Caley Allen
Jason Boucher
6257119 (-11)
6Dan Snyder
Kelly Meisner
6457121 (-9)
7Allison Ferrara
Jeffrey Ferrara
6464128 (-2)
8Cheneille Young
Katheryn Maloney
7259131 (+1)
9Adam Hanover
Julia Hanover
7867145 (+15)
Round 1: Borderland State Park - Main course Blue tees (long) to Blue baskets (long), 18 holes, par 68
Round 2: Dacey Fields - Main Course Blue Tees (Long), 18 holes, par 62
1Shane Wyatt
Wadsworth Moriarty
514798 (-32)$370
2Joe Luks
Tim Reilly
5447101 (-29)$240
3Alex Sakash
Raivis Markons-Craig
5350103 (-27)$175
4Bob Kulchuk
Kevin Kohl
5351104 (-26)$110
4Kevin Fanning
Zach Bernier
5648104 (-26)$110
6Alec Shostek
Andres Ripley
5748105 (-25)$85
6Sandy Redd
Tim Walsh
5748105 (-25)$85
8Danny Maloney
Joey Antosca
5551106 (-24)$50
8Joe Mercieri
Mike Dussault
5650106 (-24)$50
10Brian Schweinhart
Micah Flynn
5651107 (-23)
10Don Juan
Michael Hennen
5651107 (-23)
10Jack Hatchett
Jay Clark
5354107 (-23)
13Evan Orenstein
Mike Potrzuski
5850108 (-22)
14Brad Wagner-lefebre
Dave Ledger
6050110 (-20)
15Anthony Stewart
Chuck Edman
5853111 (-19)
15Corey Robitaille
Scott Groom
5952111 (-19)
15Edward Rose
Ryan Roberts
5853111 (-19)
18Andy Jong
Dean Slowey
5954113 (-17)
19Alex Mahnken
Normand Lachapelle
6055115 (-15)
19Chris Collette
Nicholas Gannon
6055115 (-15)
21Chris Piaseczny
Rob Tatro
6356119 (-11)