DGVTour #9 - 30th Annual North Calais Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 13-14, 2022 at North Calais DGC in North Calais, Vermont
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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DGVTour #9 - 30th Annual North Calais Open graphic
Added cash $500


Tournament DirectorChris Young
Tournament DirectorWill Cleland
Tournament DirectorLouis Annino

About this tournament

DGVTour #9 - North Calais Open
Aug 13-14,2022
North Calais DGC
349 Bayne Comolli Rd
North Calais, VT 05650
PDGA C-tier

2 Rounds of 18 holes, 1 round per day, tee times.
TD: Chris Young, Will Cleland,Louis Annino


Players Meeting: Aug 11th, Facebook Live.All players are required to watch the Players Meeting at some point before competing in the event. The Players Meeting will be posted to the DGVT FB page, so you do not need to watch live, however you can get your specific questions answered if you are on live. If you do not have a Facebook account please ask someone who does to help you watch the meeting.

Awards: On site as divisions finish.

1st Place syrup Trophies for ALL division champs!

Pro Payouts: We will payout 40% of the Pro divisions. Payouts will be issued via Paypal within 48 hours of completion of the event. $500 Added cash to Pro purse. $200 added to Pro womens purse on top of the $500 added to overall Pro purse!

Amateur Payouts: We will payout 45% of the Amateur divisions. Payouts will be posted and a DGVT merchandise voucher will be filed in our system for those players. All amateur divisions play for merchandise credit to the DGVT Pro Shop. Credit must be redeemed by Dec.31.2022.

Zeal Optics GIVEAWAY for Amateur players. We will draw 1 winner on Saturday for a FREE pair of new sunglasses ( $149 value).

Acepot: $1 from each players registration goes to the acepot. If there are no aces then the acepot will roll over to DGVTour #10. $72 rollover from DGVTour #8.

EDGE: $2 from each players registration goes to the Vermont EDGE Program. This program will enable DGVT to work with local schools and communities to build new courses and get discs in the hands of our youth.

DGVTour fee: $3 from each players registration goes to the Tour to help us with an array of items such as end of the season trophies, end of the season payouts, sanctioning fees, park fees, supplies, porta pottys and much more.

Playoffs: In the event of a playoff for 1st place, players will play the "Playoff Loop".

Tee Times (both days): Tee times will be posted Thursday, Aug. 11th for Saturdays round ( pdga.com). After all players are off the course Saturday we will work as fast as we can to get tee times posted for Sundays round. Our hope is to have those posted before 8pm Saturday night. Again, visit pdga.com, go to events and find our event on the list and that is where you will find your tee time. ALL players are expected to arrive approx. 30 minutes before the posted tee time. When arriving for your tee time, please go to the DGVT trailer and check in. Players need to start at the listed tee time so that we do not create backups throughout the day, so PLEASE be prompt and tee at your EXACT tee time. We will be keeping an eye on this and assisting where needed.

Tee Assignments: ( both rounds)

Gold tees: MPO,MP40.
Blue tees: FPO,MP50,MP60,MA1,MA2,MA40,MA50.
White tees: FA2,FA40,MJ15,MA3.
Red tees: FA3,MJ12.

Saturday Tee Times:

PDGA Live Scoring: This is how each group will keep score. All players need to click on the link below to become familiar with PDGA Live Scoring.
https://www.pdga.com/help/tournament-management/official-hole-scoring . Each group is also required to do one backup scorecard.
Live scoring code:
PDGA Live Scoring is the OFFICIAL scorecard of the event and each group needs to check in after the round to make sure the scorecard has been received by the TD's.


NO Division changes after registration closes.



- Have fun and follow the rules. We want everyone to have a good time.

- Don’t litter. Field dress cigarette butts and carry out filters. Retrieve all beer caps.

- Please be kind to vegetation and stay on defined paths wherever possible, particularly around the fen.

- Park in designated parking areas only; do not park or loiter or leave equipment on the road for any reason.

- Be kind to the neighbors and other players; no loud profanity or obnoxious behavior, please.

- The Port-o-lets are near the DGVT trailer and near the sugarhouse.

- No trash or recycling cans are provided this year – pack out all trash please!

Safety Concerns:

- Lightning – in the event of a thunderstorm the horn will sound 3 times to call players off the course. When you hear these horns, mark your lie, record your score to that point and come in. Head straight to your car and look for further instructions from the tournament directors.

- Bees – there are always bees on the course. Look for any signs that say "BEES" and be cautious when searching for lost discs and move away quickly if you hear or see a number of bees. Please mark the nest in some way if safely possible, and tell us about it ASAP. Persons allergic to bee stings should carry their epi-kit with them.

PDGA Rules Deviations:

- The Two Meter Rule is in effect. Discs lying 2 meters or more above the playing surface are marked directly below the lie and played with a one stroke penalty.

Out of Bounds: NC OB stipulations are varied; please refer to this guide for each hole with OB in play:

Hole 1 – Hole 1 – The lawn to the right is OB, defined by the yellow rope on the fairway side of the woodpiles, at the end of which it turns up behind the garden. The brook is OB, with yellow rope on both sides. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 3 – The stone wall behind the basket is OB, marked by orange tape on top of the wall– throw from the “Drop Zone” (flagged sticks) to the left of the basket.

Hole 4 – The wetland on the right side of the lower fairway and the brook at the green are OB, designated by the yellow rope. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 5 – The fen wetland on the right side of the fairway is OB, designated by the yellow rope. Please be especially kind to fen vegetation. The road behind the green is OB, designated by the painted line at the edge of the road. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 6 – The fen wetland in front and to the right of the fairway is OB, designated by the orange-flagged stakes and yellow rope. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds. Note the area between the OB line and the line of white flags is In Bounds and marks the edge of the fen. Please be especially kind to fen vegetation and DO NOT walk through this area unless to play a lie.

Hole 7 – The paint line at the edge of the road (across #8 fairway) is OB. Play from where your disc was last in- bounds.

Hole 8 – The paint line at the edge of the road and the yellow-roped property line below the green are OB. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 9 - The paint line at the edge of the road is OB. The juniper bush is a Relief Area, as denoted by the white rope encircling it, and a free drop (no penalty stroke) must be taken from the marked “Drop Zone”.

Hole 11 – The stone wall to the right of the fairway, designated by the yellow rope is OB. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds. ALSO The stone wall behind the green is OB, designated by the orange tape. For shots that cross THIS OB line, throw from the marked “Drop Zone”, to the left front of the green.

Hole 12 – The stone wall and yellow rope continuation on the right side of the fairway and green are OB. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 16 - The paint line at the edge of the road is OB. Play from where your disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 18 – The marked tarp-covered pile at the right of the green is a Relief Area. DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA. If you are IN the upper relief area, take your next shot from the flagged UPPER drop zone with NO PENALTY STROKE.


General provisions:

There are several camping areas available: the large area bounded by holes #11/12/13; the area next to the sugarhouse with three or four sites and another two or three between the sugarhouse road and the fairway of #17; room for a couple of tents behind the house; two areas to the right of #10 fairway, with short “roads” in for parking one or two cars, and flats for two or more tents each; and a number of more remote sites to the north (right) of holes #2/3.

Reasonably sized campfires are permitted in only 3 locations: at the camping area inside #11/#12/#13, at the camping area close to the sugarhouse, and at the camping area behind the house. Please share the fire areas.

Please minimize your footprint; there will be quite a few tents/cars this year. Please park cars on the hilly spots and save the “flats” for tents. Large “kitchen” tents should be few, and communal.

Pack out all trash and recyclables; leave a clean campsite.

Keep food secure and away from tents – this is bear country and we have regular visitors.

NO Firearms or Fireworks!

Quiet Hours are from 11 PM to 7 AM. My elderly neighbors are great folks and support the course but they retire early. With the powerline clear now, noise may travel straight up to their house. Please let them know you appreciate their support by a real effort to keep the noise down after 11. Thanks!!

Vehicles will not be permitted to enter or leave the campgrounds during the day while players are on the course. And please, no midnight drives on the course or beer runs in the wee hours.

Glow rounds are permitted providing they’re in “Stealth Mode” after 11 PM, and ALL trash is removed prior to 8 AM.


You may lop small trees and brush and use a rake and shovel to improve your tent site (in moderation). Tools are in the sugarhouse woodshed, please return when finished.

Firewood may be found in the powerline windrows. That stuff was cut 2 season ago and is burnable.

Port-o-lets are located near the DGVT trailer and near the sugarhouse. No trash or food waste, please.

House phone is (802) 456-7465 and is available for emergency calls.

Swimming is now available at the little beaches at #10 Pond (Mirror Lake) but parking is limited to the area with the concrete barriers behind the F&W boat access (don’t park for swimming at the access itself).

DGVT merchandise: If you would like to purchase something from DGVT you can do so at the event. Member discs can be picked up at the event and you can cash in your Am payout at the event. We will have your payout on file if you have won any amateur payouts at a Tour event we will have that for you. Must redeem am payouts by the end of the calendar year.

We would like to thank all our Tour partners: Innova Champion Discs, Two Roads Brewing, Burlington Beer Company, Lawsons Finest Liquids, Upper Park Disc Golf, Vermontijuana, Martells at the Red Fox, Smugglers Notch Disc Golf Center, Stowe Cider & Zeal Optics.

Questions?....You can email us at [email redacted] and we will get back to you! We are not able to entertain special requests for tee times unfortunately.

Refund policy

Disc Golf Vermont is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. No refunds after registration has closed on Wednesday Aug. 10th at 5pm. PDGA refund policy will be followed. https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/103.
Online registration closed
August 10, 2022 at 5:00pm EDT


North Calais DGC
North Calais, VT   Get Directions


Friday, August 12, 2022
- 8:00pm
Random Draw $5 Doubles.
Sign up in the main camping area 4-4:45pm.
Draw for teams at 5pm.
Blue tees.
Saturday, August 13, 2022
- 2:30pm
Round 1 Tee times
Sunday, August 14, 2022
- 2:30pm
Round 2 Tee times

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$10 additional fee for players without current PDGA memberships.
For help choosing a division, see the PDGA guidelines
$50.00FPOOpen Women
$50.00MP40Pro 40+
$50.00MP50Pro 50+
$50.00MP60Pro 60+
$50.00MA40Amateur 40+
$50.00FA40Amateur Women 40+
$50.00MA50Amateur 50+
$50.00FA2Intermediate Women
$50.00FA3Recreational Women
$50.00MJ15Junior 15
$50.00MJ12Junior 12
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