DGSC Points Series At Valley Park

PDGA logoSaturday, July 25, 2020 at Valley Park DGC in Hurricane, West Virginia
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

DGSC Points Series At Valley Park graphic


Tournament DirectorSteven Koepsel
Assistant TDSam Crowder

About this tournament

The purpose of this tournament (series) is to have a low cost event that newcomers and specifically locals can play and be affordable. A quote from the PDGA magazine Winter 2020 from the Q&A article - What advice would you give to someone who wants to help grow the sport ? Take a friend out to play, donate discs to a school or a growing program, run a low-cost C-tier, etc. With that philosophy in mind there will be a series of events - low cost- that can help PDGA member get points, travel less, and be affordable all at the same time.

This tournament will have only 4 divisions with a 48 player limit. Registration will only be on-line. This criteria will keep the cost in check. The player package for this tournament will be a Draw Bag. Please keep in mind that the payouts will be little to none as the entry fee is minimal. The point series can be viewed at https://www.discgolfscene.com/series/36112/dgsc-points-series

As of 07/14/20 the ratings have bumped some players "up". Please read the following exceptions from the PDGA manual 2.02B

Players may be allowed to enter a ratings-based division they would otherwise be ineligible to participate in as part of a points Series provided that:
The Series Director has contacted the PDGA and received prior approval from the PDGA Tour Manager.
The Series allows players to stay in the division for the entire Series.
The player has not competed in a higher division at any time during the Series.
The player’s rating does not exceed 20 points above the rating ceiling for the division they wish to compete in.

PLEASE WATCH FOR TEE TIMES ! WE WILL TEE OFF AT HOLES# 1 and Hole #10 at same in order to get in before the heat sets in. With this in mind all players should be off course by 11 AM

MA4: Bill Judy
MA4: Jared Carpenter
MA4: Joel Becher
MA4: Chase Albu

7:21 (Hole # 10)
MA4: Harold David Chaney
MA4: Naaman Dunn
MA4: Connor Zajac
MA4: Chris Smith

MA4: Jonathan McQuerrey
MA4: Christopher Stollings
MA4: Shane Cottle
MA4: Brad Simpkins

7:31 (Hole # 10)
MA4: Cas Watson
MA4: Albert Barbery
MA4: Bryan Sargent
MA3: Michael Lilly

MA3: Min Kim
MA3: Stephon Davis II
MA3: David Lytton
MA3: Isaac Massie

7:41 (Hole # 10)
MA3: Zach Ashworth
MA3: Adam Casto
MA3: Michael Corica
MA3: Jamie Fultz

MA3: David Hayes
FA3: Jodi Jackson
FA3: Codi Dickerson
MA3: Gretchen Corica

7:51 (Hole # 10)
MA3: Jim Zellers
MA3: Colby Brogan
MA3: Joey Jenkins
MA3: Andrew Davis
MA3: David Kadyk
MA3: James Robinson
MA3: Seth Lewis
MA3: Marcus Royal

8:01 (Hole # 10)
MA1: William Rawlinson
MA1: Carter Patton
MA1: Brandon Edwards
MA1: Garrett Caldwell

MA1: Brian Jeffers
MA1: Clayton Dunlap
MA1: Jason Rogers
MA1: T.J. Slash

8:11 (Hole # 10)
MA1: Kristofer Plona
MA1: Kyle Berry
MA1: Chris McGraw
MA1: Chad Klodowski

Refund policy

Disc Golf Sports Center is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44184
1William Rawlinson5151
2Carter Patton5353
3Chris McGraw5555
3Kristofer Plona5555
5Brian Jeffers5858
6Brandon Edwards5959
6Clayton Dunlap5959
6Garrett Caldwell5959
6T.J. Slash5959
10Kyle Berry6161
11Jason Rogers-0
1David Hayes5252
2David Lytton5353
2Joey Jenkins5353
4Stephon Davis II5656
5Brad Simpkins5858
6Jamie Fultz5858
7Colby Brogan5959
7David Kadyk5959
7Zach Ashworth5959
10Marcus Royal6060
10Michael Corica6060
10Michael Lilly6060
10Min Kim6060
14Isaac Massie6161
14Jim Zellers6161
16Chase Albu6363
17Adam Casto6565
17Andrew Davis6565
17Seth Lewis6565
20James Robinson6666
21Gretchen Corica6868
1Naaman Dunn6060
2Shane Cottle6161
3Christopher Stollings6262
4Bryan Sargent6464
4Joel Becher6464
4Jonathan McQuerrey6464
7Connor Zajac6666
8Bill Judy6767
8Cas Watson6767
8Chris Smith6767
11Albert Barbery6868
12Jared Carpenter7777
13Harold David Chaney8080
Intermediate Women
1Jodi Jackson6868