DGOD! lunchtime clean-up #1

Saturday, March 13, 2010 at Portland Lunchtime DGC in Portland, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


DGOD! lunchtime clean-up #1 graphic

About this tournament

Saturday, March 13th @11am we start the clean up. (i'll be there at 9am so show up early if you can.)
we have access to a nice amount of gravel and wood chips, tools and wheel barrows. so, gravel at the tee pads and wood chips at the baskets. we will also be cleaning up the tee pads, some muddy areas on the course and trimming some trees. if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know.
the tournament will start between 1pm and 2pm. $5 + $1 ace pot. plus ctp's, food and more.
you must work to be eligible for the tournament and we also ask that you be a DGOD! Super tag holder. if your not already a tag holder, tags will be available.
the layout will consist of one round from the short tees, and one round from the long tees for a combined total score. pay-outs will be determined by the number of players. more info soon