DGLA Winter Series State Throw Off

Saturday, March 15, 2014 at North Eco Park in Canby, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


DGLA Winter Series State Throw Off graphic

About this tournament

FINAL STANDINGS: Top 3 Finishers 12 holes at a Time (Achievements/Highlights)

Round ONE: 31
TWO: 30
THREE: 32 (3 CTPs, 1 ACE)

2nd Place RYEN EVANS -
Round ONE: 37
TWO: 31
THREE: 33 (2 Turkeys Round 2)

3rd Place BUCK RICH -
Round ONE: 36
TWO: 35
THREE: 34 (-1 better Every Round)

THANKS FOR COMING! See you again soon!

3 rounds on one Middle-Ground: North Eco Park
Divisions will Apply to all Rounds.
First round holes will be for anyone to play. First rounds will have Round Winners and Trophies for the 24 Holes.

Third round will be exclusive to the Top 10 Points Holders from the season and the top 3 finishers in the first round in each divisions. Only the Top 2 Players in each division will get paid out in the second round. This way, everyone plays for the cash payout, but only 25 will compete for the money in the last round. Everyone will leave with something and possibly a CTP, Trophy, or some cash.



Final Results


Rick Saffeels$14.00 for Hole 2 on Main course, Standard (Twice Through)
Round 1: North Eco Park - Standard (Twice Through), 24 holes, par 72
Round 2: North Eco Park - Standard, 12 holes, par 36
1Rick Saffeels613293$45
2Ryen RYNO Evans6833101$32
3Buck Rich7134105
4Ira Burgess6937106
5Erik Gyllenskog7236108
6Dustin Flu7435109
7Mark Barrett7939118