DDGA West Open 2022

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 14-15, 2022 at Mountain Pride Park in Murrieta, California
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

DDGA West Open 2022 graphic


Tournament DirectorChris Preston
Registration/Score KeeperStan Booth

About this tournament

DDGA (Deaf Disc Golf Association) is a National Deaf organization for Deaf Disc Golfers. DDGA aims to expand the horizon across the nation with Nationals and Regionals as well with Local tournaments. Those Tournaments are intended for Deaf or CODA players only. The "Hearing" players (players whoever are not Deaf or cannot sign) cannot play in those tournaments. This Tournament is for players who are part of American Sign Language (ASL) community. Whoever is fluent in using ASL are welcome to play in DDGA sanctioned tournaments. The Tournament Director will have the final say in whoever is allowed to play in this tournament (as in being qualified to play in this DDGA sanctioned tournaments based on being Deaf and/or ASL user).

For those "Hearing" players who already registered by accident, you will be refunded, unless you are willing to donate to DDGA, in which DDGA will be greatly appreciative and will recognize your name on the sponsor/donation list of the tournament.

For specific accommodations, please contact TD.

MA1 first place winner receive a free MA1 entry to KY22!



DDGA's refund policy:

0% refund after 8:00 PM EST 05/07/2022 (1 Week)


Welcome DWO22 players!
Here's a link to view six tournament director videos and folders for each course.


Please take your time to review everything as I will do a very short presentation on Saturday morning.

See you this Saturday!
Chris and the DWO22 Committee

Refund policy

DDGA Deaf Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55380
1Donovan Holmes515155157$285
2Nathan Boyes465758161$175
3Jaden Reader545361168$130
4Tan Nguyen555564174$90
5Joel Andaya535966178
6Tristan Boren596160180
7Jaylen Johnson586964191
1Ben McCrory516155167
2Brent Cogswell505863171$180
3Cedric Reader546260176$124
4Robert Ruddell536461178
5Scott Vollmar585964181
6Hendri Argo585866182
7Px Xayavong616067188
8Jeffrey Bibb616564190
8Matthew Ellis566668190
1James G Wilson555564174$245
2Christopher Preston566463183
3Stephen Sinatra586066184
4Darrin Brown616967197$75
5Kevin Hendrix6068-128
6Randall Bye59--59
7Edwin Miller80--80
1Kyron Egnatovitch545259165
2Nate Goff516263176
3Justin Allen595961179
4Adam Jarashow586063181
4Hyun Cho576262181
6Varma Gottumukala596265186
7David Harvey576375195
1Charles Holmes586467189$85
2Leslie Firl607063193$60
3Stan Booth606173194$40
4Jesse J. Bailey646772203$30
5Todd Aleshire798686251
1Ryan Baldiviez606265187
2Ryan Zarembka605873191
3Enrico Miller636367193
4Alyssa Romano576971197
5Eric Bonales606375198
6Michael Wink-Zuniga637472209
7Travis Duncan667182219
8Mike Sweeney667384223
1Darius Zarembka636362188
2Alfie Merino587566199
3Kaden Adams636579207
4Gio Visco657470209
5Jaime Carrasco Jr657174210
6Jada Zarembka677770214
7Kevin Croasmun687374215
8Trevin Adams647283219
9Brandon Bowdidge717079220
10Christian Jimenez757777229
10Dalton Ackermann817375229
12Wayne Wadler717986236
13Alex Zernovoj788281241
13Joshua Weinstock797389241
15Dean Garbett7012873271
16Alexandero Morales7385-158
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