2nd Annual Crazy Aces Disc Golf Tournament

Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot, Idaho
Disc golf singles tournament

2nd Annual Crazy Aces Disc Golf Tournament graphic


Tournament DirectorShane Hill
Assistant DirectorGarth Davis
Assistant DirectorShawn Cafferty
Assistant DirectorDave Oakley

About this tournament

Think you can beat your spouse at disc golf? How about your kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents? Well think again!

Come join the fun in the 2nd Annual Lucky Disc Golf Crazy Aces Disc Golf Tournament! This will be a low-cost family friendly ace style format where each player will throw two discs of their choice on every hole trying to get aces or metal hits (an ace is a hole in one). We will play two rounds of 27 holes per round with lunch between rounds (lunch will be on your own).

For only $25, every player will receive $30 in Lucky Disc Golf store credit, donuts and hot chocolate, lunch provided by the Blackfoot Pizza Hut, and the chance to win even more store credit! The $30 credit will be posted in your name at www.luckydiscgolf.com in your name and an email notification will be sent within within two days of registration. It can be used for all regular priced items at www.luckydiscgolf.com... even before the tournament! You will need to set up an account if you don't already have one.

Limited edition tournament stamped discs will be available at the tournament and can be purchased with cash or Lucky Disc Golf store credit.

Each division will have a different tee box (except women and juniors who will share the same tee box) so everyone will be able to compete with each other regardless of age or skill level! Payouts will be based on the number of aces hit and approximately 50% of the field will receive a payout. Metal hits will be used for tiebreakers. Payouts will be in cash, or 20% more in Lucky Disc Golf store credit.

Bring your spouse, kids, girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, etc. It will be fun for all!

Refund policy

Refunds will be given only to those who have not used any portion of their gift card.