Columbia Cup: It's going down I'm yelling Timber! Sponsored by Westside Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 18-19, 2021 at Timber Park in Estacada, Oregon
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

A two day event with one round of tee times per day. All social distancing protocols will be in place. Amateur ... more
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Evan Crabtree    September 17 at 10:07pm

I was just there playing a round and it doesn’t seem the baskets were moved, is that the layout?

Jesse Tomaino   September 18 at 3:51am

The park host wasn't able to move the baskets until tonight. We are still playing the layout from the emails. I'm super bummed that they didn't get moved in time but there have been some park staffing issues the last few weeks,

Hunter Bacot    September 17 at 7:43pm

Any chance more people will be off the waitlist or is this pretty locked up?

Jesse Tomaino   September 18 at 3:49am

Sorry for the late response, I'll email you now. I have a spot open.

Darrin Little    September 17 at 2:31am

Is the schedule posted as of yet

Jesse Tomaino   September 17 at 3:40am

Round one tee times will be posted to the PDGA page tonight.

Travis Blodgett    September 16 at 5:56pm

Will tee signs and ob's be marked by tomorrow afternoon?

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Shawn Meyer   September 17 at 12:18am

Hey Travis, there's a course map at hole one. You can take a picture with your phone to use as you go. Tee boxes have spray painted numbers on them. Haven't used the map in UDisc, but I bet that would work too.

Travis Blodgett   September 17 at 1:22am

Thank you!

Shawn Meyer   September 17 at 3:55am

No problem!

Allen Heinly    September 14 at 5:48am

Juniors play the same setup as adults correct?

Jesse Tomaino   September 14 at 6:12am

Yes. In order for all players to be eligible for round ratings we will all be playing the same layout.

Joshua Wise    September 6 at 1:52am

What’s the likelihood of getting in the tournament if I’m sitting at 14th on the waitlist?

Jesse Tomaino   September 6 at 5:22am

At this point it's one for one by division. If enough people in your division drop out you will get an email right away!

Jon Horgan    August 12 at 9:08pm

standard 21 hole layout?

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Jon Horgan   August 31 at 3:02pm

but 21 holes? or 19 (some tds skip 19&20 in

Jon Horgan   August 31 at 3:02pm

my experience..)

Jesse Tomaino   August 31 at 4:41pm


Darrin Little    August 8 at 3:34pm

Are the jr 12 going to be on the same card as parents or they will be random cards as well. Just checking if I will need to bring someone to walk with him

Jesse Tomaino   August 9 at 2:30am

The juniors will be on their own card, but one adult can be responsible for multiple juniors if agreed upon beforehand. Players in the MJ3, FJ3, MJ4, FJ4, MJ5, FJ5, MJ6, and FJ6 Junior ≤12, Junior ≤10, Junior ≤08, Junior ≤06 divisions must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during ... more

Brenden Motte    July 24 at 11:43pm

Will we be able to choose our card mates for the first card?

Jesse Tomaino   July 25 at 1:22am

No, cards will be randomly sorted within divisions.

Jesse Jordan   August 5 at 3:31am

So with that said, if we bring our friends we won't be playing with them?

Jesse Tomaino   August 7 at 1:16am

Divisions will all be playing in the same range of tee times but we will sort cards randomly for the first round according to PDGA guidelines. Second round will be sorted by score within divisions.

Manny Davis    July 21 at 9:07am

When can we expect the schedule to be released?

Jesse Tomaino   July 21 at 7:12pm

This is a tee time event with one round per day. Tee times will be between 8 am and 3 pm.

Darrin Little    July 21 at 3:51am

Thank you hope a few more jr play

Jesse Tomaino   July 21 at 4:12am

We will work on it!

Darrin Little    July 21 at 1:41am

Can I register my son jr 12

Jesse Tomaino   July 21 at 3:13am

Yes! I'll add the division now.