Cottonwood Flexies

PDGA logoSaturday, April 16, 2022 at Cottonwood Riverfront Park in Cottonwood, Arizona
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorShane Foreman
Assistant DirectorArthuro Sanchez

About this tournament

PDGA flex start, one round! Listed times are a recommendation, but if you need to start a little later or want to start a little earlier it's fine. Get a group together and get some points! If you need to make a group feel free to use the comments section here.

This is an attempt to help masters players in the area get more points for an invite to the 2023 Masters World Championships in Flagstaff next year, but all divisions and ages are welcome.

All payouts will follow PDGA guidelines.

Pro payouts will be handled through PayPal, if you don't have PayPal we can make other arrangements.

Amateur payouts will be awarded as online vouchers redeemable through Resistance discs. You can visit their website here to browse their wares:

Course layout:
Hole 1: Right, OB right of Mando; re-tee until passed
Hole 2: Straight
Hole 3: Right
Hole 4: Only spot
Hole 5: Short
Hole 6: Short
Hole 7: Short right
Hole 8: Long pad
Hole 9: Short
Hole 10: Short pad, right
Hole 11: Long right
Hole 12: Middle, straight
Hole 13: Short
Hole 14: Short, left
Hole 15: Long pad, left
Hole 16: Par 4, Dogleg right (temp setting for now, use a spotter if possible)
Hole 16A: Temp pad back to 16 long(watch for walkers, only tee when clear)
Hole 17: Middle
Hole 18: Short(OB concrete, over fence take 2 meters from barbed wire, in skating rink or skate park)

Please use PDGA Live scoring, if that not an option and as a back up there will be paper cards available.

Refund policy

Shane Foreman is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Henry Manahan4848
2Christopher Robbins4949
3Reid Kemp5050
4Torrance Burns5151
5Connor Rock5252
5Nicholas Nicholson5252
7Chris Paetz5353
8Adam Tauer5555
8David Razo5555
8Martin Bengson5555
11Derick Mccabe5757
11Shane Foreman5757
11Tommy Gunz Trujillo III5757
1Michael Bugbee4949
2John Ayala5252
2Tommy Gunz5252
4Christopher Hess5353
4Rex Rogers5353
6Steven Carrillo5454
7Curtis Knott5555
7Doug Blankenship5555
9Bryant Begay5757
10Michael Hogeweide5858
11Michael Maxwell6363
1Shane Byrum5252
2Sean "Vegas" Chirgwin5757
3Robert Cummings III-0
3Roy Lopez-0
1Richard Copeland5252
1Crystal Begay6464
2Angela Overmyer6868
1Kristopher Buescher5252
2Ryan Smith5353
3Ben Meyer5454
4Daniel Crim5858
5Steven Bengson5959
6Colin Romig-0
6David McPherson-0
1Titus Murillo5959
2Chad Metcalf6060
3James B McConnell6464
4Frankie Gray6767
5Chris Tincker-0
1Todd Hooe5454
2Dan Long5555
3Kenji Cassady5858
5Marc Largie6565
6Jeff Auman6666
6RJ Evans6666
1John Mckibben6262
1Rick Brazil6464
1Kenneth Smith5454
2Arthuro Sanchez5757
3Billy Bonnett5858
3Dominic West5858
3Michael Langston5858
6Noe Coronado6060
7Dalton Smith6262
8Hayden Hoekstra6363
9Mark Sanchez6464
10Kristopher Brigham-0
1Ivan Bengson5959
2Seth Poling6060
3Shawn Boyd6767
4Daniel Langston8787
1Sean Anthony Terrillion5959
2Andrew DeVincenzo7878
1Grace Cassady6969
2Robyn Colvin8585
1Shelby Smith7373
1Bev Ashley7070
2Taylor Batten8383
3Marina Salt8484
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