Corkscrew Open 6-Dirk and Jerry's Podcast:Presented by Innova Sponsored by Chain Gang Discs

PDGA logoSunday, October 29, 2023 at Estero DGC in Estero, Florida
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Corkscrew Open 6-Dirk and Jerry's Podcast:Presented by Innova Sponsored by Chain Gang Discs graphic


Tournament DirectorJohn Kucaba
Tournament DirectorJohn Goll

About this tournament

PDGA Sanctioned C/B-Tier
Pro-C-Tier/ Amateur B-Tier Event
2 Rounds 18 holes 72 person field
2 person minimum pro and 3 person division minimum amateur
Corkscrew Custom Trophy all divisions

Amateur Prize Vouchers Paid by Chain Gang Disc Golf
Pro Prize money will be sent through Paypal registered email

This is a one day, 2 round tournament.

--Scores will be done with the PDGA scoring link to complete and organize results quickly and easily.

Corkscrew Open benefiting Harry Chapin food bank. A great event to bring the disc golf community together to support a great cause. Every $1 donation = $8 in food Distribution. Yes mind blowing how a small donation can make a huge impact!

$5 of every entry, 100% of all waffles, silent auctions, and net proceeds goes directly to Harry Chapin Food Bank. In 5 years, you have helped raise over TBA

$1000+ in waffles! ZUCA cart, baskets, bags, top world PDGA ranked signed discs and more.

Lunch for all players!

AM Player pack -Will Be Delicious
2 premium Discs
Grip6 Belt
Grip6 custom metal Mini
$110+ value

Estero is always a challenge, Holes 1-18 will be the Layout. No "A" holes. Basket locations in place.

Pad Assignments (Subject to change)
MPO - Gold / Blue
MP40 Gold / Blue
MP50 Blue / Blue
MP60 Blue / Blue
FPO - Blue / Blue

MA1 - Gold / Blue
FA1 - Blue / Red
MA40 - Blue / Red
MA50 - Blue / Red
MA60+ Red / Red
MA2 FA2- Blue / Red
MA3 FA3- Red / Red
Junior - Red / Red

Can't make it, but want to show your support? SIGN UP! SIGN UP! and we will hold your players pack. Just let us know in the message area

Refund policy

Corkscrew Open is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Brawley Sioux5347100$126
2Grayson Whipp5347100$80
3Kevin Huxhold5752109
4Jeffrey Orlowski5852110
5Michael Hegarty6753120
1Matthew Burtch5847105
2Nathan Poteet5848106
3Dan Hanson5750107
4Chris Stoddard6151112
5Colby Hanberry6054114
6Jack Kramer6055115
7Bryce Hagen6354117
8Christopher Farrow6258120
9Matthew Slaughter6853121
10Victor R Slaughter6763130
1James Daly5550105
2Kenneth Dalton5949108
3Chris Pauling5958117
1Rick Kennedy5150101
1Russ Clouston5150101
3Dan Prozeralik5252104
4Jeffrey Poteet5555110
5Lance Hood5863121
1Mayson McLaughlin514798
2Matt Hagen5349102
3Kowan Miller5553108
3Lucas Bartnick5751108
5James Harmaty5852110
6David Coleman "DC"6152113
7Bruce Macey6056116
7Joseph Faris6056116
7Stephen Fouts6056116
10Erick Diaz5859117
10Michael Mesagno6651117
12Steven Kulsen6652118
13Aaron Baltzell6458122
14Jeremy Stewart6759126
1Jake Ribich474895
2James Genna504898
3Chris Marker4853101
4John Butler5151102
4Ryan Strutzel5349102
6Ben Gulinello5251103
7Zebulon Fuller5154105
9Austin Michael Palmer5255107
10Chris Schuster5455109
10Devin Monroe5554109
12Albert Avin5357110
12Andrew Bingle5555110
12Brandon Jonas5258110
15Josh Delsing5853111
15Kevin Osborne5457111
17Lucas Craven5458112
18Henry Harris5955114
18Steven Mersinger5757114
20Matt Markowski5857115
21Kevin Phillippi5859117
22Cameron Collins5861119
22Robert Posner6059119
22Thomas Batten5861119
25Riley Carlin6358121
25Shawn Messman5764121
27Fernando Vazquez6260122
28Jim Saracino6063123
29Joshua Coleman57-57
1Ronni Marie Ragan5757114
2Tanya Proffitt6461125
3Jacqueline Brown8074154
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