Columbia Disc Golf Club Membership Event

Saturday, January 27, 2018 at Earlewood Park in Columbia, South Carolina
Club Membership

Columbia Disc Golf Club Membership Event graphic


Event DirectorJeff Baisch
Event DirectorBradley Follet
Event DirectorNick Maynard

About this tournament

This is a Columbia Disc Golf Club Membership Event.

The event will take place during Earlewood Winter League. It will consist of 1 round of singles followed by a round of random draw doubles. You do not have to stay for either event to pay for your membership.

You can join the club or renew in two ways. You can sign up and pay using the discgolfscene registration page or you can sign up using the discgolfscene page and pay in person the day of the event.

There will be cash CTPs available so bring extra $$$ if you want to get in on the action!

Refund policy

Columbia Disc Golf Club (South Carolina) is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results


Alex Kirby$30.00 for Hole 18 on Main course, Earlewood Classic (20)
Round 1: Earlewood Park - Earlewood Classic (20), 20 holes, par 60
1Scott Wallace4949
2Matt Whitlock5252
3Alex Kirby5353
3Matthew Hagman5353
3Nick Maynard5353
6Chris Browy5454
7Brandon Carpenter5555
7Lee Hodges5555
9Brandon Rollins5656
9David Floyd5656
11Adam McJunkin5757
11Daniel Eignor5757
11Ryan Jones5757
14Bradley Follett5858
14Jay Sauls5858
14Yuliya Pastovenska5858
17Joe Wallace5959
17Ryan Merp Price5959
19Alexander Thierry6060
19Jeff Baisch6060
19Matt Clark6060
19Nick Rodriguez6060
19carter stiglbauer6060
24Andy Nelson6161
25John Capps6262
25Justin Keilty6262
25Nick Enriquez6262
28Jeff Corum6363
28Logan Korman6363
30Don Wall6464
30Eric Basile6464
32Lillian Pais6565
33Allen Ross6666
33Dominic Randazzo6666
35Joel M. Leonard6666
36Javier Uriarte6767
37Thomas Morgan6868
38Mike Lilla6969
38Ryan Lathigee6969
40Aaron Smith7070
41Kat Sandel7575
42Brad Douglass7575
43Alan Beaver-0
43Ben Stiles-0
43Corey Cramer-0
43David Meade-0
43Ed Garris-0
43Henry H2 Hamilton-0
43Sausage Biscuit-0
43Steve Nichols-0
43Teddy Carfolite-0
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