College Disc Golf - North Florida Collegiate Classic III - Powered by Prodigy

PDGA logoSat-Sun, February 17-18, 2024 at Tom Brown Park in Tallahassee, Florida
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned teams tournament

College Disc Golf - North Florida Collegiate Classic III - Powered by Prodigy graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 3rd Annual North Florida Collegiate Classic, a College Disc Golf regional qualifier event where we will be awarding 6 bids to Nationals(two DI, four DII).

This year we will be at Florida's #1 rated disc golf course, Tom Brown Park!

Men will compete in teams of 4, Women will compete in teams of 2. If you have an uneven number of players reach out to me as there are some options (playing with 3 at a disadvantage, using subs)

Format/Layout are TENTATIVE, but currently planning on utilzing pool play for two rounds of 18 holes on Saturday, then playing a 22 hole layout on Sunday

Tentative Tee pad assignments:

MA1 - Shorts (Team Doubles), Longs (Singles), Longs (Team Doubles)
MA2 - Shorts (All rounds)
FA1 - Shorts (All rounds)

You are welcome/encouraged to register multiple teams. Prizes will be rewared to top finishers in MA2 so (non-bid seeking) B teams, C teams, etc... are encouraged to register for MA2 as the long pad layout will be daunting.

Entry fees will include:
- (2) Custom stamped tournament discs
- Prodigy beanie
- Prodigy mini
- Lunch provided on Saturday
- "Chain Reaction" (Team Putting Contest)
- Distance Competition (each university is allowed two participants, winner gets a Bushnell rangefinder!)
- CTP's
- Prizes to top finishers
- Built-in ace fund (to be donated to Ulibarri Leadership Foundation if not hit)

Team doubles is played with two sets of teammates, one ODD pair, one EVEN pair. The ODD set will tee off on every odd-numbered hole, while the EVEN set tees off on every even-numbered holes. After the tee shots, the team chooses which of the two lies to play. From there, the set that did not tee throws their two shots. Again, the whole team decides which lie to play from and the set that teed off would throw. That alternating process continues until the hole is complete. On the next hole, the corresponding set of teammates according to the hole number, ODD or EVEN, would tee off no matter which set putted out on the previous hole. This format allows for each player to tee off the same amount of times and for teams to play as whole. Each hole has two teams playing together as an eight-some.

All four Singles rounds will averaged to count towards your team score.

Team Doubles R1 + Average of 4 R2 Singles scores + Team Doubles R3 = Cumulative Team Total. Lowest 2 scores in MA1 division get the bids for nationals, next four lowest get the DII bids.

Players are required to be members of College Disc Golf to compete in CDG Regional events for the 2023-2024 Season. Players can sign up on and find more information there. Teams that compete with non-members will be disqualified from the 2024 CDGNC and DI for 2025. Any bids they earn at this event will be vacated and the bids will be awarded to the next highest placing team that is eligible.

If you plan on attending but cannot register at this time, please contact the TD so he can plan accordingly.

If you do not know which players will be assigned to which team, feel free to register as "Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4" and edit the team at a later date.

Any questions/concerns, contact Nick at [email redacted] or 850-293-0772.

Follow @FloridaCDG on Twitter and @florida.cdg on Instagram for all tournament notifications!

PDGA Live scoring codes:
Singles: nfcc singles
Doubles: nfcc doubles

Big thanks to the Tallahassee Disc Golf Association and the City of Tallahassee for making this event possible!

Refund policy

Nick Meyer is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Tom Brown Park
Tallahassee, FL   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Adam Monn446368175
1Sammy Miller446368175
1Shane McCullen446368175
1William Smith446368175
5Brandon Hopper486465177
5Davis York486465177
5Ethan Golovach486465177
5Jack Oblen486465177
9Brynn Sammons486566179
9Fisher Gibson486566179
9Matt Versola486566179
9Nick Gomez486566179
13Athan Nelson506570185
13Brandon Griffin506570185
13Christian Hays486671185
13Garrett Young486671185
13Jonah Foster506570185
13Josh Cicco486671185
13Josh Hollier506570185
13Maxwell Ruyle486671185
21Alex Scheid456972186
21Cameron Payne456972186
21Jance Tackett456972186
21Matt Karnatz456972186
25Adam Wagner526769188
25Jacob Labaza526769188
25Solomon Nackashi526769188
25William Burns526769188
29Josh Grafmiller486972189
29Redt Dunn486972189
29Wayne Clayton486972189
29Will Mason486972189
33Blake Bailey487074192
33Jeff Leach487074192
33Tyler Gainer487074192
33Zach Keene487074192
37Andrew Sand507173194
37Bryce Brinson507173194
37Kade Johnson507173194
37Paul Katterjohn507173194
41Ericcson Meier546873195
41Fritz Rowell546873195
41Jonas Barrett546873195
41Noah Nash546873195
45David Crook537374200
45Justin Rauscher537374200
45Nick O'Bryan537374200
45Will McKelvey537374200
49Alex Nelson507379202
49Grayden Donner507379202
49Jacob Webb507379202
49Walter Alston507379202
53Andrew Kaputa527180203
53Holden Tate527180203
53Josh Melton537476203
53Noah Navarre537476203
53Owen Navarre537476203
53Patrick Sand537476203
53Seth Worthington527180203
53Tyler Byrd527180203
61Colin Grant517777205
61Grant Holder507679205
61Jackson Harrison517777205
61Josh Turner517777205
61Lee Railey507679205
61Silas Smith507679205
61Thomas Jackson517777205
61Will Mahnken507679205
69Carson Fincher547983216
69Coen Burke547983216
69Landon Disbrow547983216
69Matthew Alfaro547983216
1Andy Allen506268180
1Derek Mcnutt506268180
1Hunter Darsey506268180
1Micah Morris506268180
5Akash Bharathan536266181
5Evan Myers536266181
5Jonah Lynne536266181
5Robert Treur536266181
9Garth Bice556074189
9Miles Eidson556074189
9Nathan Gudgen556074189
12Andrew E Hendrix627482218
12Cooper Gibson627482218
12Joshua Adair627482218
12Riley Boggess627482218
16Julian Chambrin677187225
16Ryan Gauger677187225
16Sidney Cobb677187225
1Missoury Wolff597083212
1Noelle Erb597083212
3Reagan Mullins697189229
4Jocelyn Halkar739295260
4Myra Ehrenber739295260
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