Inaugural Cold Cali Cickoff

Saturday, February 25, 2023 at Mary Jane Thurston State Park in Grand Rapids, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

Inaugural Cold Cali Cickoff graphic

About this tournament

Kickoff the 2023 GASDG Club Season with us on February 25th! Club memberships this year are $40 and include the following:
- 2023 Club T-Shirt
- 2023 Bag Tag (Sponsored by Tailwinds Disc Golf)
- GASDG Mini marker
- GASDG Towel
(Check out event photos for a look at the Membership package!)

We're starting our annual Bag Tag Challenge this year with a unique twist! This event will consist of 1 unsanctioned singles round at Mary Jane Thurston, with top tags awarded based on finishing position. BUT, if you register for the tournament (pay your membership dues) before January 27th, you will be playing Cali the whole round. Everyone that registers by this date will receive one extra throw, or "mulligan" per hole.

This is intended to bring extra fun into the event and create some HOT scores, so be sure to sign up well in advance to take advantage of this benefit! You will still be able to play if you sign up after January 27th, but you will be playing straight up with no mulligans. Either way, tags WILL change hands throughout the year, so even if you don't get in on the Cali side of the deadline you're still encouraged to come out and play!

We will award the top # of tags based on turnout. If 40 people register, the #1-#40 tags will be distributed. Get in early to get yourself the best shot at starting with a low tag!

Even if you can't attend the event - you can lock in your membership and bag tag number by registering for this "tournament." We will distribute tags out of the total number of registrants in registration order for anyone that is not able to attend day of.

NOTE: There are no payouts for this event. The registration fee covers your GASDG membership for 2023 and entry into GASDG exclusive events and point series competition, as well as end of season awards and social events. All items for the Club Membership will be distributed at this event for those that have paid in advance. This will also be the first date for distribution of membership packs.

We will have prior year merchandise for add on through the checkout process. We may even have some surprise (free) CTPs available pending turnout.

Refund policy

GAS Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

1Paul Harris5858
2Dennis Churchill5959
3Rayle Ryan6060
4Sam Pedler6161
4Tim Martin6161
6Kendrick Lemle6363
6Maxwell R Godfrey6363
8Ryan Fackler6464
9Brent Weinmann6565
9Daniel Dembowski6565
11Andy Pinney6666
12Lucas Beauch6767
12Travis B6767
14Brandon DeRan6868
14Jason Thomas6868
16Matthew Dorr6969
17Cody Wright7070
17Jacob Garber7070
17Kevin Vollmar7070
17Ryan Toth7070
17Tim Chandler7070
22Myles Graber7171
22Peter Kwasniak7171
24Joe Stiles7373
24Joel Szirony7373
24Matt Lassiter7373
27Zachary Phillips7474
28James Cutri7575
29Cameron Lampley7676
30Brysonn Toth7777
30Corey Juhasz7777
32Seth Kott7878
32Zach Fedderke7878
34Evan Taylor7979
35David Godwin8080
36Jared Adkins8181
37Brohdericc Toth8282
38Emily Martin9292
39Stephanie Wright116116
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