Clash at the Creek

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 26-27, 2019 at Widefield Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $750

About this tournament

Clash at the Creek 2019 is upon us, and I wanted to run through a few thigs with everyone before you arrive Saturday morning.

Innova Champion Discs
Hyzerbomb Discs
Good Day Disc Golf
Play It Again Sports
The Sign Shop
719 Disc Golf Club
Outlawz Disc Golf Club
Dapper Dan Homes
Radiant Designs
High Elevation Outlaws
Jason "Jrob" Robins
Santos Montoya
Rocky "The Great One" Armijo
Mike Gray
Doug Hering

Parking, please use the parking area near hole 1 until full, once that lot is full there are a few options as long as you DO NOT park on Drury Ln. I would recommend parking along 220 Quebec St. This is the street crossed between hole 8 & 9, 12 & 13. The Private lot that was used at States and in years past at Kokomo St is not open to the Event this year, please do not park there.

Tournament Central will be located next to the restroom and baseball field near hole 1 & 3.
Please check in before 8:15am if you do not check in before then, your spot will be given to the first person on the waitlist.

OB Defined by hole.

General OB:
-In the water and beyond the water unless otherwise specified on the hole OBs.
-Park Perimeter. Concrete and asphalt roads and parking areas near hole.
-In any yard over a fence is OB and not retrievable until after the round.

Hole 1. Mando Left of marked pole, re-tee if missed. Concrete sidewalk right including picnic table area and sidewalk long OB.
Hole 2. Road defined by asphalt on the right and in or over water long OB. All sidewalks in bounds.
Hole 3. Sidewalk right side of fairway and in the water OB. You do NOT have to clear water.
Hole 4. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 5. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 6. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 7. Fence line right and in or over water, sidewalk long OB.
Hole 8. Mando Left of marked tree. Drop Zone if missed. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 9. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 10. Over any fence or in water, painter line at SW entrance OB. Only in water OB, short is safe.
Hole 11. Mando Left of marked tree. Drop Zone if missed. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 12. Fence line right and in or over water OB.
Hole 13. Sidewalk and beyond on right, water on left and painted line long OB. Mando in play for Sunday only. If you miss the mans by going over painted line, proceed to drop zone. You are tee from OB.
Hole 14. In water and tee side of water OB, if you do not establish yourself in bounds, re-tee.
Hole 15. Sidewalk long OB.
Hole 16. Sidewalk left and water and beyond OB.
Hole 17. Water and beyond OB.
Hole 18. Water and beyond OB.

Refund policy

Jeffrey Bradshaw is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All PDGA Guidelines will be followed. Competition Manual 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds.


Widefield Park
Colorado Springs, CO   Get Directions


Current Standings

PDGA results at
1Joe Rovere4645
2Joel Freeman4350
2John Collins4251
4Jeremiah Desrosier4648
4Patrick Blazek4351
6Kyle Griffin4550
7Alexander Krause4749
8Nate Metzler4950
9Josiah Griffin4851
10Shawn Sullivan4654
11Jim Kelly5150
12Jason Elsner4558
12Santos Montoya4657
14Aaron Gossage5353
15James Miranda5156
15Peter Deutsch4859
17Ricky Sandoval4860
18Benjamin King5556
19Michael Phillips-Gray5459
20R.J. Montano5361
Pro 40+
1Mitch Sonderfan4653
2Jessie Serna4955
3Rocky The Great One Armijo4960
4Zach Meeker5358
Pro 50+
1Jay Burghardt4753
2Tom Carrillo5053
3Rick Kapalko4955
4Tim Gossage4858
5Dan Schroeder5159
5Tyler Drennan5456
7Lennie Bottorff5264
Pro 65+
1Don Labor5157
1Justin Campbell4857
2Clint Rosen5055
2Jasson Palmer4758
4Aaron Kelly5056
5Bryce O'Neill5255
5Drew Palmer5057
5Joel Binford5156
8Brian Herbert5257
9Nicholas Scott5853
10Lane Stewart5558
11James Patterson6060
11Robert Uerling5466
13Ben Meise6754
14Jason Robins5669
Amateur 40+
1Shane Averett5053
2Johnny Okun5257
3Derek Peavey5357
4Chris Walters5558
4Shawn Gower4964
6Jamos Purtill5264
7Carl Klein5562
7Truc Nguyen5661
9Brian Rapp5464
10Brad Nichols5773
Amateur 50+
1Keith Saddler5160
2Richard White5162
3Scott Gardner5559
4Bob Kroha6071
1Elijah Dickson5055
2Nicholas Abbott4860
3Cole Squire5062
3James Rodriguez5062
5Greg 'Chop' Feuerhaken5460
5Timmy Smith5658
7Christian Ameling5758
8Jordan Como5264
9Joseph Lasek5562
10Neil Nelson5662
11Spencer Nichols6059
12Michael Ozz Hill-Howard5170
13Brent Haney6165
14Sean Kenyon5968
15Joshua Rosa6068
16Jason Butler6468
1Jeff Jones5763
2Dave Franks5573
3Devin Shipp5773
4Ryan See6173
5Joseph Villalpando6579
6Nathan Gilles7276
Intermediate Women
1Melissa Rosen6676
2Laura Okun7592
Junior 12
1C.J. Squire6072