Circle 1 Flex @ Meadowbrook (Presented by MVP Disc Sports)

PDGA logoFriday, June 14, 2024 at Meadowbrook Orchards in Sterling, Massachusetts
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Circle 1 Flex @ Meadowbrook (Presented by MVP Disc Sports) graphic

About this tournament

This is the 4th of 13 total events in our C1 Flex Series (Presented by MVP Disc Sports), however each event is standalone, so you are not required to play in others. This is the first time we are hosting an internal C1 Flex event outside of Maine and we’re excited to have Meadowbrook apart of the series. Additionally, we are ending our series at Maple Hill in October, so we hope to see you there! Each event is a PDGA sanctioned C-Tier & contributes to the NEFA Point Series if you’re a member.

Pros are paid out in cash via PayPal and Amateurs are issued C1 digital gift cards that do not expire. In this series, instead of a player pack, we call it a “Battle Pass” where AMs tier up with each event they attend. The first event an AM plays they get tier 1, advancing from smaller items to larger, more valuable items throughout the series. Many of these items are exclusive or introduced to the Battle Pass before being released to the public.

Battle Pass so far:

1. Wooden C1 Flex Bag Tag & Glow-In-The-Dark Mini
2. C1 Chalk Bag
3. MVP Disc (molds will vary - pixel, watt, glitch, crave, insanity, & photon)
Next (4th): C1 Towel

Our ace pot rolls throughout the series, however we did have someone hit the $715 ace at Bittersweet Ridge (5/31)! We anticipate it will exceed $500 at MB.

Confirmed layout info will be posted soon, but the plan is to mirror “Welcome to the Jungle” layout.

So far this season, we have seen 110+ players at 2of3 stops and tee times tend to fill quickly, especially as we approach Friday. The end of the day fills out fast, as we’re limited with the number of cards we can send out due to daylight. We recommend that you secure your tee time asap. The only requirement is that you must be on a card of at least three players. At times, we may need to adjust cards to accommodate the tournament. ALL PLAYERS WILL REGISTER VIA DISCGOLFSCENE, even if you sign up day-of.

Refund policy

Circle 1 is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
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