Cold Gold

PDGA logoSaturday, November 26, 2022 at Yahoola Creek Park in Dahlonega, Georgia
Amateur C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament


1st in each division will receive a prize disc. (6 prize discs will be shown, and the 6 winners will get to choose which they would like, from the best score to the lowest score).

You will be moved to a card with a minimum of 3 players if there are not enough card mates a few days before the tournament.

CTPs & ACE are available (paid out via PayPal). If not hit, the ace will be split into the 10 CTPs on the field.

Players guide:

Refund policy

Cole White is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
No refunds after 7pm November 25th


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Cody Britain4646
1Shawn Medina4545
2Cole White4848
3Harry Spikes5151
3Ryan Macomber5151
5Justin Sills5555
1Walker Pangle5151
2Jeff Adams5454
3Brady Kitts5555
3Chad Morgan5555
5Tyler Ward5959
1Benjamin Davies5050
1Joe Pelletier5050
3Tony Giarrusso5151
4Schuyler Pugh5252
5John Allison5353
5Sam Kessler5353
7Brian Rockwell5555
7Josiah Renz5555
9David Medina5656
9Mike Tomlinson5656
11Joe Costa5757
11Kyle Johnson5757
13Jordan Kass5858
13Scott Hazlett5858
15Devin Hunter5959
15Travis Welch5959
17Matt Richardson6060
18Joshua Hudson6161
18Will Perez6161
20Brian Hilburn6464
21Jared Rockwell6565
22Luke Richter6767
23Thomas Norris6868
1Griffin Self5353
2Peter Altomaro5454
3Matt Taylor5656
4Jacob Moore5757
4Jonathan Sutton5757
6Brandon Rockwell5959
6Rob Attaway5959
6Stephen Burke5959
9Troy Ritter6060
10Gabriel G. Grote6161
10Tim Patterson6161
10Todd Duke6161
13Colby Rockwell6262
13Gabriel Espinoza6262
13Todd Anthony Profit6262
13William Kener6262
17Evan Gibson6464
18Bruno Lopez6666
18Mickey Gregg6666
20Jacob Evans6767
21Bob Wall6969
22John Hunter7070
22Tommy Sammons7070
1Stan Ward6565
2Jacob Henson6767
2Tommy Payne6767
4Chris Baer6868
4Rodney Burnette6868
6Ed Ayers6969
7Joe Morrow7070
8Alec Burke7272
8Peggy Attaway7272
10Jennie Costa7373
11Rebeca Renz7878
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