Chasin the Chains at Bad Rock

PDGA logoSaturday, August 1, 2020 at Bad Rock Creek @ Stocksdale Park in Liberty, Missouri
Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Chasin the Chains at Bad Rock
2 rounds of 18 holes
PDGA Live scoring will be used
All players must sign the KCDG Covid-19 waiver online to be able to play. The link is below. If you do not sign you can’t play exceptions.

All PDGA and state social distance practices will be In effect. Stay 6ft away from each other. If you need to congregate you must wear a mask.

Important changes to our safety protocol:

- No more than four people at any time in the designated area to browse through merchandise or sign up/check-in onsite.

- Cash and credit cards will be accepted. You may also pay through Venmo or PayPal. If you cannot pay via the friends and family option through PayPal, then please choose a different option.

- All patrons must sanitize their hands before and after touching any merchandise. Before and after!!!! We will provide sanitizer

- DO NOT congregate around, in front of, or behind the RV at any time. We will provide a safe environment for everyone. We will also not hesitate to disqualify anyone who chooses not to honor our rules, protocol, and requests.

- You MUST wear a mask anytime you are at the tables or registering. You may remove your mask as long as you are on the course AND practicing social distancing. (we will provide face masks IF players do not have one of their own. left it in your car? Go get it) Gloves will be provided if asked of the staff.



- We will not be handing out physical scorecards. We will have live scoring set up through the tournament manager. Here are the details:

PDGA DIGITAL SCORECARD FOR Chasin the Chains at Bad Rock

We will be using digital scorecards for this event. if you would like to review and research this method, please follow this link:

The ACCESS CODE for the event scoring is EASY. It is not case sensitive. To start your round with digital scoring you will need to go to the following link:

1. You will be prompted to enter the Access Code and press the Submit button.
2. Search for your name. You can search by typing in part of your name or PDGA Number. Once your name appears, you select it and confirm. This person is now the “scorekeeper”.
3. You will be prompted to select the round for which you are currently playing.
4. The scoring screen will load with your name. The default starting hole is hole 1, so be sure to choose the correct starting hole if for some reason hole 1 is not where the group is starting (e.g. shotgun start).
5. Scores for each player will be automatically defaulted to whatever the par is for the hole that is being scored. The player can use the plus or minus buttons to add or remove strokes. When all players have the correct scores, clicking Save & Continue will upload the scores and the page will automatically reload on the hole that follows.
6. The teeing order is indicated by a number presented to the left of each player's name.

If players are having issues with live scoring, they are welcome to use UDisc. It is encouraged as a backup anyway. Players need to make sure they verify all scores with the entire group before showing the TD onsite!

Please make sure you are setting a good example for everyone.

Rolling Ace Pot starts at $160 plus what comes in from this tournament.

Tournament Schedule
Checkin from 7:30-9am
First round shotgun at 9:30
Lunch 1 hour after last card
Second round : tbd
No Trophies or awards ceremony
Merchandise payout to follow second round.

Course layout for all divisions- all gold pads except hole 16
Basket locations-
1. 332 blue right
2. 260 Blue
3. 294 gold
4. 247 blue left
5. 552 blue middle par 4
6. 485 stump par 4
7. 288 blue right
8.365 blue long
9. 195 Blue
10. 450 Gold par 4
11. 285 blue
12. 267 Blue
13. 235 Blue right
14. 417 blue right
15. 307 blue right
16. 456 short pad to gold par 4
17. 357 Blue right
18. 917 gold par 5

Par 60

Play tall grass OB. There is a paint line. There is paint around both ponds too.

14 has ob paint on both sides of fairway.

Refund policy

Grass Roots Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
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