Champ Skins League

Thursday, February 28, 2019 at River City Nature Park in DeBary, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

Champ SKINS League (16 players)

-At signup you choose your “home course”
-Alpha long pad to red
-Alpha long pad to yellow
-Alpha short pad to red
-Alpha short pad to yellow
-Barwick long pad
-Barwick short pad

PHASE 1: Group stage
-There will be a random draw assigning the 16 players into 4 groups of 4.
-Each player will play 6 matches in the group stage. A “home” and “away” match against the other 3 players in their group.
-Group stage matches will take place during 10 day allotments listed below. It is up to the 2 players scheduled to play, to agree on a date and time within that 10 day period.
-All matches are skins
-Any skins pushed after 18 holes are up for grabs at the putting station. There will be 2 baskets. 5 alternating putts each (1 point for short basket, 2 for long) (Home team putts 2nd ) IF it is still tied after the putts, the skins are split between the players.
-If the skins are 9-9 after the round, match is declared a draw.
-If you win a match you get 3 points, a draw is worth 1 point.
-The top 2 teams in each group, based on points, move on to the knockout stage
-Any ties in the group standings points, will be broken by
-1 Total skins vs the opponent tied with
-2 Total skins vs the entire group
-3 Total “away” skins vs opponent tied with
-4 Total “away” skins vs entire group

PHASE 2: Knockout stage
-ROUND OF 8: There will be a draw assigning the 8 remaining players into 4 matchups
-Group winners cannot play other group winners, and you cannot play the other person who moved on from your group
-The round of 8 will all take place on the same day and will consist of 2 rounds. 1 round on the “home” course of both players playing in a match, the group winner in the match decides the order played.
-Any skins left on BOTH the 18th hole and 36th hole (2 separate matches) will be settled by the putting station. If the putting station is a tie, the skins are split.
-The player with the most skins after 36 holes is the winner. IF both players have 18 skins, they will run the putting station until a winner is determined.
SemiFinals/Finals will follow the same bracket for matchups
the rest of the tournament.
-The Championship will be 1 round at a course determined at group stage draw
Entry: $25
-Make it to the Final 4 get $25
-Make it to the Championship get $100
-Win the Championship get $100

2/4: Registration Opens
2/28: Group Stage Drawing
3/1-3/10: Group Stage Match 1: (Player 2 at Player 3) (Player 4 at Player 1)
3/11-3/20: Group Stage Match 2: (Player 1 at Player 2) (Player 3 at Player 4)
4/1-4/10: Group Stage Match 3: (Player 3 at Player 1) (Player 2 at Player 4)
4/11-4/20: Group Stage Match 4: (Player 1 at Player 3) (Player 4 at Player 2)
5/1-5/10: Group Stage Match 5: (Player 3 at Player 2) (Player 1 at Player 4)
5/11-5/20: Group Stage Match 6: (Player 2 at Player 1) (Player 4 at Player 3)
5/23: Round of 8 draw (Group winners and Groupmates cannot be matched up)
6/9: Round of 8 matches
6/23: Semi Final matches
July/TBD: Championship

Refund policy

DeBary Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.