Chain Don't Break: Mason Bloom Charity Drive

Saturday, February 20, 2021 at Ottawa Park in Toledo, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

Chain Don't Break: Mason Bloom Charity Drive graphic

About this tournament

On February 20, 2021 Rocket Disc Golf will be celebrating the incomparable and indomitable Mason Bloom. One of the most enthusiastic, joyful, and all around incredible members of Rocket Disc Golf - Mason is in the process of crushing cancer. Unfortunately cancer is an expensive battle and Mason needs our help. Mason loves to say that "CHAIN DON'T BREAK" and on February 20 we intend to show that - with an outpouring of love from the Toledo community to support his fight.

Rocket Disc Golf will be hosting the Chain Don't Break: Mason Bloom Charity Drive as a CTP filled flex start fundraiser. Every dollar of entry will go to the Bloom family to help the cause. There will be CTP prizes scattered throughout the course, a silent fundraiser auction will be held throughout the day, and SLI Custom, a Toledo area shirt vendor, will be working with RDG to donate T-Shirts to all registrants! The round will be held from the short tees to maximize the number of people who can pick up CTP opportunities!


First Run Lat64 Ballista Pro
Prototype DD Sheriff
Prototype DD Getaway

A stack of Doghouse Dyes from Dusty 'Dawg' Holbrook.

The Kruse Stack:
2016 Discraft Ace Race Disc
First Run Discraft Z Punisher
Discraft X-Clone Extra Overstable Cyclone Driver
First Run Fly High Train Wreck - Scott Stokely autographed
Dynamic Discs PDGA Disc Golfer's Code Truth
Discraft Full Color Great Lakes Open Buzzz Dynamic Discs branded
Innova 2014 Amateur Worlds G-Star Teebird eagle totem stamp
First Run Discraft ESP Crank
Latitude 64 Gold Line Saint limited edition stamp (x2)
Innova Paul McBeth 3x McPro Aviar 2014 Tour Series, signature stamp on bottom
First Run Discraft Z BuzzzOS
First Run Discraft Z Machete
Innova 10th Anniversary Boss
First Run Innova star stamp XT Bullfrog
+ 5 Discraft hats!

The Michalastack:
Discmania C Line MD3
Legacy NADGT stamp driver (no mold indicator)
Discraft ESP Zombee (Detroit Discraft stamp)
Discmania Active Line Maestro
Innova Star Destroyer (Jimi stamp)
Innova Star Wombat3 (DGGW stamp)
Innova Star Valkyrie (WCGlow stamp)
Discraft ESP Force (tank stamp)
Discraft ESP Buzzz (tis the season stamp)
Discraft ESP McBeth 5x Avenger SS
+2 Innova "Christmas Sweater" Beanies!

The Ziggy Stack:
Discraft ESP Bumble Bee Buzzz
Latitude 64 Gold Gladiator (Shrimp Boat Captain stamp)
Latitude 64 Gold Compass (Shrimp Boat Captain stamp)
Discraft Z Predator
Latitude 64 Gold Gladiator (Shrimp Warrior stamp)
Discraft ESP McBeth 5x Buzzz (x2)
Discraft CryztalFLX Zone (Get Freaky stamp)
Discraft ESP Hades (x2)
Discraft ESP Raptor
Discraft ESP Wasp (Pro D Series stamp)
Discraft BigZ Fierce (Ledgestone 2020 stamp)

The RJ Fisher Stack
Discraft Z Doss 3x Buzzz (x2)
Discraft ESP McBeth proto Midrange
Discraft ESP McBeth 5x Avenger SS
Innova Star Halo Destroyer

The President Nick Stack
Axiom Watermelon Pyro
Innova Champ Beast (I-Dye Pumpkin stamp)
Innova Star Corvette
Gateway Discs Voodoo
Discraft ESP Buzzz (Memorial stamp)
+Discraft Staff T-Shirt!

Presidents Aaron/Bryan, Foster and Swafford Stack
(got them mixed up, don't know who donated what, sorry guys!)
Dynamic Discs Ice Sheriff (Riverside Drive stamp)
Innova Glow Star Destroyer
Dynamic Discs Fuzion Sheriff (GBO stamp)
Innova Pro Wraith
Innova Star Pre-release Corvette
Innova Champion Tern
Innova Splatter Brinster Destroyer
Discraft Z Heat (Rocket Disc Golf stamp)
Discraft Z Force (Rocket Disc Golf stamp) (x2)
Discraft ESP Buzzz (Michigan States art)
Discraft ESP Buzzz (Hambrick art)
Discraft ESP Buzzz (CTP winner)
Discraft Pro-D Challenger (Rocket Disc Golf stamp)
Dynamic Discs ESP Warden (Stafford Open)
Discraft BigZ McBeth Luna (Tour Series)
Discraft Pro-D Roach (Get Freaky stamp)
Gateway Discs Eraser Voodoo (Hazy Shade stamp) (x2)
+3 Disc Golf World Tour hats from Aaron!

Ali King resin Coaster + Decorative disc set
Multi-level disc golf storage unit from Mark Dembowski

If you would like to donate directly without entering the event send any contribution to the GoFundMe set up for Mason Bloom:

Refund policy

Rocket Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Ottawa Park - Short tees, 19 holes, par 57
1Ryan Rau5050
2Shayne Shroyer5050
3Nolan Maloney5454
4Jamie Whitehead5555
5Steve Lopez5555
6Bobby Belair5656
7Casey Mingo5656
8Stephen Swafford5757
9Aaron Downes5757
10Andrew Goeder5858
10Dave O'Shea5858
10Ryan Duckett5858
13Aaron Chelchowski5959
13Andy Miller5959
13Foster Hayes5959
16Matthew Bruce6060
16Paul M Harris6060
16Travis Cring6060
19Jacob Stutz6161
19Steven Stalder6161
21Lance Haupricht6262
21Timothy Clark Beerbower6262
23Bryan Rioch6363
23Chad Spangler6363
23Clinton Swain6363
23Joshua Wilson6363
27Mark Dembowski6464
27Noah Rioch6464
29Braden Nidiffer6565
29Rylie Collins6565
31Jonny Forney6666
31Preston Rosenberger6666
33Ben Maloney6666
34Kale Vollmar6767
34Mike Shiple6767
36Drew Burns6767
37Alex Spangler6868
37Evan A. Steiner6868
39Collin Rice6969
39Dylan Pester6969
39Grant Mumaugh6969
42Daniel Dembowski7070
42Ian Dellifield7070
42Jason Haupricht7070
45Ali King7171
45Ben Oaks7171
45Clayton Wing7171
45Connor Galvin7171
45Isaac Dodds7171
45Jacob Pastorek7171
45Mason Dulaney7171
45Ramsey Abu-Absi7171
45Ryan Post7171
54Alec Hoover7272
55Logan Schmitz7373
55Noah Utrup7373
57Eric Vogelpohl7373
58Connor Rioch7474
58William Junge7474
60Ethan Oswalt7575
60Hayden Robinson7575
60Jamie Darr7575
63Preston Rembis7878
63Treya Brown7878
65Elijah Manns7979
66Elijah Cring9191
67Cassaidy Galvin9292
68Kelly Anderson116116
69Andy Pinney-0
69Austin Corey-0
69Brian Hicks-0
69Bryan Day-0
69Camden Hicks-0
69Chris Rogers-0
69Culver Whitehead-0
69Cymon Crowe-0
69Darion Wimmers-0
69Ian Gummo-0
69Jacob Emerine-0
69Jacob Rasmussen-0
69Jeremy Richter-0
69Jon-Paul Maiden-0
69Justin Franco-0
69Kayla Burks-0
69Kaysen Jones-0
69Keaton Jordan-0
69Kevin Standen-0
69Matthew Dorr-0
69Mikayla Justen-0
69Nicholas Domitio-0
69Nick Emerine-0
69Parker Rembis-0
69Steve Nolff A3-0