Carrollton DGC Bagtag Finale/Kickoff

Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Hobbs Farm in Carrollton, Georgia
Disc golf event

About this tournament

Format will be double elimination match play. Each round will consist of 9 holes and will be played as follows. First Round 1-9, Second Round 10-18, Third Round 1-9, Fourth 10-18…The number of rounds will depend on number of players. 1st two rounds will be from red, 3 and 4 from white, 5 and 6 to blue with each layout playing to Green Baskets.
Tags will lock Saturday night, February 23, and seeding will be set. If you register and are not able to play, let someone know ASAP.

This will also serve as the kickoff for our 2019/2020 season. If you have not already done so, please join at Be sure to put Carrollton Disc Golf Club as your division.

Refund policy

David Radvansky is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Hobbs Farm
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