Cannonball Open V - Powered by Prodigy.

PDGA logoSaturday, June 24, 2023 at Wabash City Park in Wabash, Indiana
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Cannonball Open V - Powered by Prodigy. graphic

About this tournament

This will be our 5th year and we will be giving a nice player pack this year. I'll post soon with details. We will have nice CTP's for every hole that people have come to love. The course will be in it's tournament layout minus the temp holes by mid May for people to start practicing. More details to come.

Refund policy

Cannonball Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. If you withdrawl in the last 48 hours before the tournament you will not recieve a refund unless the spot gets filled.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Forrest Beals6264126$175
2Aidan Hosler6462126
3Aaron Gettys7157128$80
4Tim Loeffler6267129
5Tanner Boggs6469133
6Braden Sherman6569134
7Zak Crandall6873141
1Jason Smith6461125$125
2Greg Welch6573138$75
3James Collins6875143
1Benson Graber6158119
2Aaron Waggoner6261123
3Jaden Phillips6166127
4Paul Sayler6365128
5Matthias Post6664130
6Renn Martin6764131
7Keegan Boring6469133
8Vaughn Bontrager7461135
9Clint Geist7462136
10Hyrum Hart7364137
10Korbin Myers6968137
12Zach Sholty7266138
13Logan Zile7069139
14JaCoby Smith7072142
15Kane McCrory7172143
16Eli Travis7272144
17David Arnold7274146
18Jeff Roby8383166
1Dale Sapp7167138
2Bryan Gipson7070140
2Joseph Reichard6971140
4Brian Spaulding7770147
5Jason Rassman7575150
6Matthew Place7874152
7Jeremy Breitenbach8482166
8William Riemenschneider8982171
1Chad Mills6369132
2Dan McCrory7174145
3Scott Lorenz8072152
4Troy Yohey7678154
5Gary Quehl7879157
6Keith Young10092192
1Mike Wolfe7571146
2Brad Dimick7573148
3Jay Oberg7476150
4Paul Mirante7381154
5William Lambert8771158
6Ray Young8384167
1Haiden Thompson6170131
2Isaac Titche6567132
2Jacob Meulink6765132
4Zach Keenan6669135
5Jacob Mackin7070140
6Richard Hubbard7374147
7Josh Elkins7871149
8James Deshane7974153
9Steven Skibbe7683159
10Michael Dague7887165
1Philip Marlow7669145
2Jalen Weaver7372145
3Robert Shugart7275147
4Richie Cornett7674150
5Sebastian Moyer7972151
5William Moyer7477151
7Shaun Piwowar7977156
8James Sayler8278160
9Shawn Gordon8777164
1JJ Geist7772149
2Danin Fluke7283155
3Kameron Mitchell8770157
4Brandon Nelson8079159
5Stephen Kriner7882160
6Matthew Berning8085165
7Daniel Z Younkvich8185166
8Dustin McKnight8087167
9Justin Poe8587172
10Shawn Hodel9699195
1Maddie Miller8393176
1Donna Messer8077157
2Buffy Householder8578163
3Sarah Mavrick8584169
4Kindra Abbott8989178
1Jacquelyn Rieser8381164
2Sierra Hall8384167
3Angela Hilson8392175
4Savannah Marlow8898186
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