Camden Disc Golf Bag Tag Toss

Saturday, January 30, 2021 at Howard Peoples Park in Kingsland, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament


Assistant Tournament DirectorAndrew "Tex" Guthrie
Tournament DirectorDaniel Rhiver

About this tournament

We are hosting a Bag Tag Toss Tournament for the 2021 Bag Tags. We have decided to do it this way because everyone will be getting a Custom T-Shirt, Custom Towel, and Bag Tag for Camden Disc Golf Club. We need sizes for the order. We currently have the limit set to 50 but if before January 3rd we can fill it up we will order more Shirts, Tags, and Towels. You will also be able to pay for a CTP experience like we have never done before. EVERY HOLE will have a CTP. This will be a $10 fee to get into the CTP Pool. Oh, and as an added bonus we are going to have a 19th Hole on the course. Please email me if you have any questions. Now go throw some plastic.

Refund policy

A refund will be given for ace pool only. We will hold onto your stuff and get it to you as soon as we can. Sorry if this becomes an inconvenience.


Final Results


Kevin O'Donnell$395.00 for Hole 17 on Gum Branch, Gum Branch Park Course - Red
Round 1: Howard Peoples Park - Gum Branch Bag Tag Toss Quarterly Rounds, 19 holes, par 58
1Micheal Rader5252
2Kevin O'Donnell5252
3Jonathan Crowe5555
4Josh Boatright5757
5Jeffrey K Ott5757
6Yank Moore5959
7Chris Hannigan5959
8Bryan Pearce6060
9Travis Cheatham6262
10Greg Lachowski6363
11Chip Thomas6565
12Andrew Guthrie6565
13Rama Payne6666
14Ryan “Chowderhead” Brooks6767
15Douglas Sharp6767
16Jake Loferski6767
17Matthew Manning6767
18William Wallin6767
19Daniel Rhiver6868
20Richard Hedge6969
21Kevin Lee Miller6969
22Dale Robertson7373
23Leo Martinez7373
24Sean Spangler7474
25Randy Prosen7474
26Cameron Reed7676
27Adam Austin7777
28Matthew Byrd7979
29Ashley Carver7979
30Ben Morseth8080
31Nate Graham8383
32MarkS Barnett8585
33Audrianna Reid8686
34Kason Bjornestad8686
35Tristan Hedge8888
36Brandon Ludwig104104