Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Johnson Park in Wyoming, Michigan
Disc golf teams tournament



About this tournament



1st - GRDGU (526)
Hutchison - 98
Parks - 101
Levendosky - 101
Martin - 102
Morris - 124

2nd - Home Team (537)
Westers - 99
Shine - 102
Rosendall - 103
Hawley - 104
Wahl - 129

3rd - FRDGA (538)
Anderson - 97
Good - 98
Eno - 102
Blocksma - 102
Wieck - 139

4th - Whitehall (543)
Kolberg - 101
Mejeur - 107
Hanes - 108
Mitchell - 109
Bedau - 118

5th - SADGC (547)
Vaughn - 93
Prueter - 102
Givens - 103
Wabeke - 104
Cusack - 145

6th - MDGE (555)
Kuehle - 97
Rittersdorf - 105
Burkholder - 106
Brimmer - 112
Krieger - 135

7th - Inspired (562)
Hendrickson - 101
Kohn - 107
Stubblefield - 108
Deiss - 110
Decraene - 136

8th - Holland (585)
Nielsen - 101
Arvidson - 107
Cioffi - 109
Dixon - 110
Visser - 163


Who will it be this year?!

COTG to be held at Johnson Park in Wyoming, MI!

MEN & WOMEN will be together this year.
Team requirements will be
Minimum - 4 Men
Minimum - 1 Woman

Top 4 Men's scores count
Top Female's score will count

PENALTY If you are not able to provide a female on your roster your team will be assessed a penalty score that will equal the worst female players score + 5 strokes

Last Spot will be your "Ambassador"
Ambassadors will be the person in your club who you feel honestly deserves the recognition for representing your club. These ambassadors will be playing against the other ambassadors for packs of discs and merchandise donated from the other competing clubs.

ALL CLUB Rosters MUST be submitted BY August 31st, 2017.
Rosters will then be reviewed by the COTG Board.


Final Results

Round 1: Johnson Park - CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY, 19 holes, par 57
Round 2: Johnson Park - CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY, 19 holes, par 57
1(SADGC) Zach Vaughn474693
2(MDGE) Jeff Kuehle484997
3(FRDGA) Luke Anderson494897
4(GRDGU) Chad Hutchison494998
5(FRDGA) Bret Good (Captain)465298
6(Holland DGC) Marc Nelesen495099
7(HomeTeam) Aaron Westers514899
8(INSPIRED) John Hendrickson5150101
8(WDGC) Kory Kolberg5051101
10(GRDGU) Brad Levendosky5051101
10(GRDGU) Jordan Parks5348101
12(SADGC) Travis Prueter5052102
13(GRDGU) Taylor Martin5448102
14(FRDGA) Jon Blocksma5448102
14(FRDGA) Kyle Eno4953102
16(HomeTeam) Chad Shine5052102
17(SADGC) Ryan Givens5152103
18(GRDGU) Lee Crandall5251103
19(HomeTeam) Randy Rosendall5251103
20(Holland DGC) Jacob Arvidson (Captain)5351104
20(SADGC) Alex Hayes5153104
20(SADGC) Chris Wabeke5252104
23(FRDGA) Andy Dedonado5351104
23(FRDGA) Marc Burnett5252104
25(HomeTeam) Mike Hawley5153104
26(MDGE) Jared Rittersdorf (Captain)5352105
27(HomeTeam) Ben Koster5253105
28(MDGE) David Burkholder5155106
28(SADGC) Rob Buit (Captain)5452106
30(GRDGU) Aaron Deweerd5254106
31(INSPIRED) Nick Kohn5453107
31(WDGC) Ferrell Mejeur5354107
33(GRDGU) Cory Whitten (Captain)5453107
33(GRDGU) Mike Anastor5552107
35(HomeTeam) Sam Smeagle5057107
36(INSPIRED) Spencer Stubblefield5850108
36(WDGC) Bill Hanes5553108
38(GRDGU) Trevor Balfour5355108
39(FRDGA) Mark Sharpe5553108
40(HomeTeam) Jeff Franklin5553108
40(HomeTeam) Jimmy Laur5949108
40(HomeTeam) Victor Wahl (Captain)5553108
40(HomeTeam) Will Oostdyk5553108
44(Holland DGC) Ryan Cioffi5158109
44(SADGC) Nate Mihos5455109
44(WDGC) Aaron Mitchell5059109
44(WDGC) Joe Wingett5554109
48(FRDGA) Mike Durco5554109
49(Holland DGC) Travis Dixon5753110
49(INSPIRED) Dan Deiss5258110
49(SADGC) Craig Pluger5456110
52(FRDGA) Greg Festian5258110
53(SADGC) Mike Wolters5358111
54(FRDGA) Eric Wieck5358111
55(INSPIRED) Doug Smith5755112
55(MDGE) Matt Brimmer5557112
55(MDGE) Mike McCarty5854112
55(SADGC) Chris Kaiser5755112
59(Holland DGC) Logan VanTil5459113
59(WDGC) Jason Church5558113
61(Holland DGC) Nick Vourkitis5460114
61(INSPIRED) Bryan Earvin (Captain)5856114
61(MDGE) Jayson Chapin5955114
64(MDGE) Tom Lang6154115
64(MDGE) Travis Reinhart5560115
66(MDGE) Codie McConnell5561116
66(WDGC) Josh Mumme (Captain)5957116
68(INSPIRED) Jason Storm5959118
68(WDGC) Amy Bedau5860118
70(GRDGU) Charles Young6355118
71(WDGC) Dave Peterson6158119
72(MDGE) Josh Howard6159120
73(WDGC) Rick Hyatt6061121
74(WDGC) Mike Paquette5965124
75(GRDGU) Sarah Morris6262124
76(HomeTeam) Char Wahl6465129
77(MDGE) Amanda Krieger6669135
78(INSPIRED) Briana Decreane6571136
79(FRDGA) Kyla Wieck6970139
80(SADGC) Jamie Cusack7075145
81(Holland DGC) Desirae Visser8182163
Round 1: Johnson Park - CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY, 19 holes, par 57
Round 2: Johnson Park - CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY, 19 holes, par 57
1(FRDGA) Jason Hulbert (Ambassador)6254116
2(Holland DGC) Trevor Hofman (Ambassador)6160121
3(HomeTeam) Steve Hedstrom (Ambassador)6061121
4(WDGC) Brian Mulnix (Ambassador)6360123
5(MDGE) Jeff Tice (Ambassador)5767124
6(SADGC) Jon Cusack (Ambassador)6066126
7(GRDGU) Brandon Braisted (Ambassador)6767134
8(INSPIRED) Andrew Broskie (Ambassador)7866144