Burgess Trilogy Challenge 2021

Saturday, June 12, 2021 at Burgess Park in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
Disc golf singles tournament

Burgess Trilogy Challenge 2021 graphic

About this tournament

An email with a link to the tee time sign up sheet was sent out to all registered players. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Event & Player Guide

Expanded the max number of players to 100. If the tournament exceeds 80 players, tee times will need to be assigned. Will still allow players to still pick card mates. A spreadsheet with available tee times will be sent out to all players to select tee times prior to the event.

Ace Pot: Everyone that signs up for the Ace Pot will be able to take a CTP throw from a marked area by tournament central at the end of their round unless an Ace is already scored. The 3 closest CTPs from this spot will split the Ace Pot.

Format: Singles with one round. There will be a couple of changes to the regular layout for the tournament to include an ace run hole.

You will be playing your round with one each of the below discs.
Select your player pack discs when you check in.

Deadline to sign up: May 30th

Disc Info:
Latitude 64 Gold Burst Sapphire Carat 170+g | Speed: 10 Glide: 6 Turn: -2 Fade: 1.5
Westside Discs VIP Chameleon Warship | Speed: 5 Glide: 6 Turn: 0 Fade: 1
Dynamic Discs Eco Classic EMAC Judge | Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

CTP prizes to include: Latitude 64 brand new Rive in the new Royal Grand Line. Westside Harp, Dynamic Disc EMac Judge, & Warden.

Refund policy

Any request for refunds after June 1st will not be refunded unless the TD is able to fill that spot. For those that request a refund after June 1st and not have their spot filled by another player will be able to pick up their player pack or arrange for it to be shipped.


Burgess Park
Marstons Mills, MA   Get Directions


Final Results

1Josh LaPine5656
2Jared DiMascio6060
3Ray Swartz6161
3Silas Larkin6161
5Patrick Zuzick6262
6Matt Cody6363
7David Boardman6464
8Benjamin Cuddy6565
8Daniel Germain6565
8Jason Lunn6565
8Michael Paukner6565
8Nick Plante6565
13Isaac Longoria6666
14James Maloney6868
14Kyle Heyd6868
14Nolan P Dunn6868
17Albert Bonne7070
18Lucas Longoria7474
19Michael Judin-0
1Cody Richardson5555
2Tyler Francis5555
3Erik Pleso5858
4Jerrod Kendrick6767
1Joseph Whalen6060
2Christian Hayman6161
2Matthew Curran6161
4Benjamin Ellis6262
4Craig Richard6262
4Liam Matheson6262
4Seth French6262
8James Moulson6363
8Jim Asam6363
8Michael Sullivan6363
8Zack French6363
12David Mohrman6464
13Alex Shafer6565
13Tom Travison6565
15Colin Murray6666
15J. Vorianattraides Phillips6666
15Jeffrey Wood6666
15Keith Kordis6666
15Matthew McKay6666
15Michael Gannon6666
15Vadim Frishman6666
22David Moulson6767
22Erik Perkins6767
22Matthew Taylor6767
22Tim Kmiec6767
26Anthony Fertitta6868
26Joshua Tonka6868
26Kevin Skrickis6868
26Seth Garon6868
30Adam Hanover6868
31Kyle Zarnoch6969
31Philip Watt6969
33Bush Henglatsamy7070
33Jack Cooney7070
33Michael Enko7070
33Michael Grey7070
37Adam Green7171
37Bryan Lima7171
37Dusty Cabral7171
37Jeff Manter7171
37Jeffrey Dao7171
37Jim Edwin7171
37Marco Gomes7171
37Mark Murphy7171
45David Zagreda7272
45Frank Brady7272
45Ian Shafer7272
45Jackson Murphy7272
45Jarriott Bennett7272
50Kyle Anderson7373
51Chris Walsh7474
51Christopher Mahoney7474
53Craig Brunetti7575
53Joseph Landry7575
53Matthew Flaherty7575
53Rob Haley7575
57Stephen Grey7676
58Andrew Wood7777
58David Cass7777
58Matt Horton7777
58Mike Cabral7777
58Peter Bradley7777
58Willie Johnson7777
64Benjamin Keating7878
64Sean Givens Jr7878
66Andy Bartlett7979
67Connor Brunetti8080
67Nathan Dilgard8080
69Alex Bartlett8585
69Ray Schone8585
71Cody Shiverdecker9393
72Andrew Oberholzer9494
73Scott Perkins-0
1Kristen Mills7171
2Katheryn Maloney7171
3Lilian Russon7272
4Caroline McCauley7474
5Sara French8383