Buffalo Mountain Throw Pink Takeover

Saturday, August 12, 2023 at Buffalo Mountain Disc Golf in Willis, Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This event is a one-day event. Round one will be singles, and round two will be doubles.

We will have a singles winner and a doubles winner. Two separate tournaments and chances to win in one day in the beautiful mountains of Virgina. The temps are much cooler at 3,000ft so beat the summer heat and come join us. Cabins are available to rent on the property and it's just two miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Great way to end the summer.

The doubles round will be a USDGC doubles qualifier. Other divisions will be available for doubles for those who do not want to compete in the official qualifier.

One entry fee covers both events unless you ONLY sign up for the Doubles Portion.

More information coming soon!

Refund policy

Throw Pink is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$50.00FPOWomen's Pro Open
$50.00FP40Women's Pro 40+
$50.00FP50Women's Pro 50+
$50.00FP55Women's Pro 55+
$50.00FP60Women's Pro 60+
$50.00FP65Women's Pro 65+
$50.00FP70Women's Pro 70+
$50.00FP75Women's Pro 75+
$50.00FP80Women's Pro 80+
$40.00FA1Women's Amateur 1
$40.00FA40Women's Amateur 40+
$40.00FA50Women's Amateur 50+
$40.00FA55Women's Amateur 55+
$40.00FA60Women's Amateur 60+
$40.00FA65Women's Amateur 65+
$40.00FA70Women's Amateur 70+
$40.00FA75Women's Amateur 75+
$40.00FA80Women's Amateur 80+
$40.00FA2Women's Amateur 2
$40.00FA3Women's Amateur 3
$40.00FA4Women's Amateur 4
$30.00FJ18Girls' Junior 18
$30.00FJ15Girls' Junior 15
$30.00FJ12Girls' Junior 12
$30.00FJ10Girls' Junior 10
$30.00FJ08Girls' Junior 8
$30.00FJ06Girls' Junior 6
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