Border Wars Presented by Prodigy Discs at the Grand Opening of The Fort Buenaventura, Weber County!

Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Miles Goodyear Park in Ogden, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament


Border Wars Presented by Prodigy Discs at the Grand Opening of The Fort Buenaventura, Weber County! graphic


Tournament DirectorJade Sewell
Tournament DirectorWilliam Hardee

About this tournament

The "Border War" is a 2 tournament series designed as a fundraiser for both the Lucy's Open and the Utah Open. It is a flex-start 2 disc round, everyone will use the 2 discs they receive in their player's pack, 18 hole tournament with payouts in Infinite Bucks that can be used at either Infinite Discs locations or online, and cash for open players.

This is also a matter of pride as there are a number of competitions to be had not only between Idaho/Utah, but also between different clubs. Firstly there will be a traveling trophy that will be given to the TD of either the Utah Open or the Lucy's Open which can be displayed at any tournament in their state with the TD's permission. The winning state will be determined using the 10 lowest scores from each state at each tournament. If there are not at least 10 players from a state at a tournament than the highest overall score from the tournament will be used to fill in the other scores. So if let's say Idaho only had 8 players come to the event in Utah, then player 9 and player 10 from Idaho would be the highest score from the tournament, so it is advantageous for the states to insure they have at least 10 players from the state show up.

The Lucy's Open and the Utah Open will also be giving the club/team that has the 5 best scores at each tournament a prize package of at least $250 that they can use to increase membership, for tournaments, etc. The scoring for the individual clubs will work similarly to the state scoring in that if you do not have at least 5 players from your club/team show up to one of the tournaments the remaining scores will be filled in with the highest overall score from the tournament. I know that many of us are part of more than 1 club/team, so if you'd like to play for more than one club/team you are more than welcome to do so, but you need to indicate before the start of the round which club/team you are representing. Additional rounds may be purchased for $15/round, but you'll need to continue to use the 2 discs you received from your initial player's pack for any additional rounds. If you'd like to purchase additional player's packs those should be available as well.

Good luck everyone, and let's get out there and show which state/club/team is the best!

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Refund policy

Team Utah Open is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.