DisCap presents the Blatnick Breeze III, Powered by Innova

PDGA logoSaturday, October 17, 2020 at Blatnick Park in Niskayuna, New York
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

All Players will receive a paper scorecard, OB sheet with PDGA Digital Scoring instructions and pencil.
Thanks for playing the Blatnick Breeze 3 if you haven’t met me I’m Jeff Wiechowski the TD.
Thanks to Innova for player pack discs
Thanks to Marshall Street for Am awards
Pros will be paid on PayPal using the email that was used for registration. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS HAS CHANGED.
Thanks to DisCap and all the members that helped get the course tournament ready.

2 rounds of 18
All Pros, MA1, MA2, MA40 play from the blues. MA50, FA2 & MA3 play from the whites.
All Amateurs will play with the same people BOTH rounds, starting from the same tee. Communicating the shuffle of all players in the current guidelines is just not feasible. The PDGA requires me to shuffle the Pros so I will make a trip down to the Hole 1 parking area at lunch with the hole assignments.
- All PGDA rules apply.
- No 2 meter rule. Mark it directly below and continue.
- Paint and/or stakes mark the O/B lines. Draw a line between the nearest two and make the call.
- Hole 1 - On the road is O/B “river”.
- Hole 2 – Ravine behind the pin, stakes mark the line
- Hole 3 - In the pond is O/B. Play from where you crossed into the water.
- Hole 4 – Ravine on the right side of fairway, stakes mark the line
- Hole 9 – On or across the bike path on the right is O/B
- Hole 10 - On or across the bike path to the right is O/B.
The bike path that crosses the fairway before the pin is an O/B “river”.
- Hole 11 - On the bike path behind the pin is an O/B “river”.
- Hole 12 – The ballfield is O/B. Fence is the line. All throws that go OB play from the drop zone, which is near the flagpole. Subsequent shots play from where you crossed OB.
- Hole 13- Swamp to the right, marked by stakes
- Hole 14 - In the road is O/B. Marked by paint.
- Holes 15 & 16 – On or across the road is OB.
- Hole 18 – In the parking lot is O/B. Fence is the line.
- 3 minute rule on lost discs, all in group must look.
- Once a disc is declared lost, player re-throws from previous lie. One stroke penalty.

Please carry in, carry out all trash including cigarette butts. Drinking alcohol and other mind altering activities are not allowed on park property.
Please be careful where you step, there are holes hidden by the tall grass.
Tee off from the side or behind tees if conditions are unsafe.
Please be careful on hole 6 in the valley, there are many hidden holes you may step in.
This is a landfill. There are vents scattered around the hill which have a distinct methane odor if you stand downwind of them. PLEASE do not smoke around them. No one has blown up but I don’t want you to be the first.
Be aware of other park users. Hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, etc.

Two horn blasts signal the two minute warning, no more practice throws.
One horn blast signals the start of play
Awards will be on Facebook Live, in the DisCap Group.
Cell phones on silent
If a player isn’t on the tee at the start of either round, they are scored with par +4 for every hole they miss. EVEN if they show up midway thru a hole, they are required to start on the NEXT hole.

Refund policy

DisCap is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.