Black Friday Triples! BYOPs ::Fundraising Event::

Friday, November 26, 2021 at East La Loma Park in Modesto, California
Disc golf teams tournament


Tournament DirectorAlex v

About this tournament

4th Annual Black Friday Triples!

This will be a bring your own partners event. One division only, so choose wisely. We will play 27 holes, 1 round, each player must take 9 of their drives……so choose wisely! If we get more than 15 teams, Payouts will be top 2 teams. 2pm is the tentative ending, but we’ll most likely be done before then, being only 1 round.

We’re doing something new and different this year. $10 from every team will go towards a sponsorship fund for Modesto’s Top Players to play the OTB Open next May, 2022. More details to come regarding that. This is the first of a few events planned to support this fund. Votes will be cast before OTB Open registration opens, to determine who, of the qualified players, will be lucky enough to get sponsored by MADG!

Refund policy

Alexandra von Stade is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

1Austin Wallace6161$60
1Josh Sappenfield6161$60
1Michael Arauza6161$60
4Geoff Rexroth6161$30
4Jacob Serrano6161$30
4Travis Gentile6161$30
7Austin Thielman6262$20
7Darion Heltne6262$20
7Shane Lachene6262$20
10Alexandra -v.6464
10Andrew Valdez-Argandar6464
10Chris Graham6464
13Jeff Blote6565
13Ryan Carroll6565
13The Goldster6565
16Jeffrey McCormick6868
16John Bionaz6868
16Rebekkah Sidwell6868
19Billy Yee6969
19Bob Pankow6969
19Michael Kennedy6969
22Albert Liberini7070
22Jordan Gausling7070
22Michael Salet7070
25Alex Villarreal7171
25Beno Villarreal7171
25Chris Taylor7171
25Manny Sanchez7171
25Tim Currin7171
25Tyler Rhoton7171
31Antonio Quezada7272
31Edwin Reyes7272
31Joey Laivo7272
31Mason Gausling7272
31Noah Gausling7272
31Tyson Pope7272
37Geoff Forrey7373
37Just Dougie7373
37Tim McClary7373
40Mike Khinoo7575
40Qeuce (Christian Aguilar)7575
40Steven Rush7575
43Abe Jaimes7979
43Brandon Oswalt7979
43Chris Cortez7979
43Jeremy Hamilton7979
43Randi Hamilton7979
43Ross Anderson7979
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