Black Friday

PDGA logoFriday, November 26, 2021 at Coon Rapids DGC in Coon Rapids, Minnesota
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorDan Schnabel
Tournament DirectorAnthony Erickson
Twintown dude and dude who dudes other dJason Wilder

About this tournament

Good Morning.  Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

This is your Players Meeting for the Black Frida7 Open.

IF you are unable to attend, please let us know by Wednesday evening at 11:59pm or you will forfeit your entry fee.

Friday looks to be a seasonal 36 for a high with winds from 5-10 mph.  Please be sure to bring appropriate clothing for yourself, gloves to wear inbetween shots, layers and hats as needed.

Checkin 20 minutes early with me at hole 1.  10 minutes before your tee time I will provide any changes to layout/OB/Rules. 

This is a 1 round C-Tier; all PDGA rules will be followed including no Alcohol or Drugs; adhere to the 3 minute rule for lost discs, etc.  There are no players packs for this event but payouts will be 100% of the purse.  Payouts will be available as each division finishes; likely after 3:30/4pm.  If you wish to push your payout until the next event, you may do so, we will have more details on Jason's schedule Friday morning.

If you'd like to enter the $5 or $10 ace pool, bring cash and talk to us when you check in.

Live Scoring
We will be using PDGA live scoring for the event, with paper scorecards as backups. The PDGA requires a backup scorecard; that way if there are any scoring discrepancies, we can figure out what happened more easily. Upon the completion of your round, either hand your paper scorecard to your TD, or text them a pic of your scorecard.  PDGA live scoring can be found at and the password for our event is SEVEN.  A Link to review how to can be reviewed at

All divisions will play the same layout.  We will play all 21 holes and we will have 5 temporary holes. We will have signs posted at each teepad so you know which pad to use.

The layout for the event is 1/19/20/21/A/B1 and B2/3/4/5/6/7/8/C/D/9!/10 short pad/11/12/13/14/15 short pad/16/17/18a/18b.  I am in the process of getting the layout added to UDisc under 2021 Black Frida7 Open.  

Yes, we will play 10 and 15 from the short pads; Temp holes will be set up on hole B (2 temp holes), after 8 (C/D) and hole 9 will be back in play for this event.  Hole 18 will be split in two; you will play the normal hole 18, and then you will play the new long position on 18 which is basically hole 2 reversed.  That teepad will be near the blue sign inbetween 2/18's fairway with the basket near 2's teepad.

OB rules will be printed on the back of the paper scorecards. On and over sidewalks/fences/paths in most cases will be OB.  Around the pond, OB will be in the pond surrounded by water.  There could be some really difficult lies in there; remember you can rethrow from the previous lie with a 1 stroke penalty if you prefer.  Hole 11 OB will be on or over path on right; and a line will be extended after that path ends to the pine tree.

All pro and ace pool payouts will be processed through paypal.  All Am Payouts will be through Twintown.  Jason will be setup on site for purchases and redemption all day.

Thank you again for coming out to this event.  We'll see you Friday the 26th!!!

Refund policy

Refunds will be handled in accordance to the PDGA standards.

A $5 processing fee will be withheld on all refunds (PDGA rule 1.03 C)

Coon Rapids Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Coon Rapids DGC
Coon Rapids, MN   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Mario Short64$190
2Ben Kroll70$125
3Chris Hall71$90
4Anthony Erickson72$65
5Josh Miller73$45
6Derek Peters74
6Dan Schnabel74
6Logan Utter74
9Samuel Easty75
9Jake Spencer75
11David House78
1Peter A Diede68$150
2Andrew Kangas70$115
3Tom Schnabel72$95
4Grant Kregness73$75
4Andy Swanson73$75
6Tyler J Hermann74$55
7Daniel Hawley75$45
8Alex Duckert76$20
8Kyle Kalinowski76$20
8Ben Narloch76$20
11Caleb Wedan78
12Erik Jones79
12Matthew Oujiri79
14Jacob Bintliff81
14Colin Lekvin81
14Robert Munoz81
17Drew Schuler83
18Anthony Brennan88
Amateur 40+
1Rick Cary72$110
2Chris Freeman73$65
3Christopher Smolnicky76$50
4Mike Streff79$30
5Ryan Hewitt83
6Justin Small86
7Chris Henderson88
Amateur 50+
1Thomas Oberg78$90
2Jim Rademacher87$55
3Chris Brylski91$40
4Chad Dykoski93
5Rick Hanner96
1Tyler Peterson70$95
2Beckett Carduff71$80
2Colin Ducklow71$80
4Alek Anderson72$75
4Grant Kadansky72$75
4Harley Kendall72$75
7David Neis73$70
8Christian Magalis74$65
9Greg Barber75$60
9David Carr75$60
9Zachary Evans75$60
12James Brennan76$45
12Robert Kucala76$45
12Andrew Pahl76$45
15Daniel Freeman77$40
15Justin Jevnager77$40
15Derek Messer77$40
15Andrew Reinholz77$40
15Craig Trottier77$40
20Benjamin Craven78$10
20Luke Haqq78$10
20Greg Stoffel78$10
23Dan Bell79
23Ian Brown79
23Seth Frick79
26Phillip Dahlheimer Sr.80
26Logan Gould80
26Jacob Grist80
26James Linville80
30Matthew Dodge81
31Nicholas Koes82
31Tyrel Wilding82
33Jeremy Bowen83
34Jacob Hartkemeyer84
34Andrew Johnson84
34Nick Mccarthy84
37Steve Reedy85
37Brody Schell85
39David Bajari87
40Steve Clifford88
41Mason Gould89
42David McNeil92
43Tanner Rue95
1Sam Caspers73$85
2Matt Paider76$80
3Daniel Miley78$75
4Mathew Schmidt79$75
5Elijah Emerson80$70
6Dustin Ducklow81$60
6Dylan Reed81$60
6Seth Reithmeyer81$60
9Jacob Day82$50
10Brandon Hassel83$50
10Adam Perez83$50
12Barton Iverson85$45
12Zach Yerrick85$45
14Allan Arseneault86$20
14Steve Fredlund86$20
14Mike Wherry86$20
17Andrew Herschberger87
17Russell Zwiers87
19Blake Iverson88
20Randy Luthi89
20Brady Luthi89
22Andrew Datwyler90
22Sam Hassel90
22Tyler Krussow90
22Henry Zwiers90
26Sean Westman91
27Jeff Fluguear92
27Dillon Novak92
27Ted Zwiers92
30Bobby Auren94
30Parker Yanisch94
32James Harper95
1Loren Lantz83$85
2Kailan Brown84$75
3Zach Trotto86$70
4Michael Bedard87$55
5Par Fortunato89$45
5Raul Angel Varela89$45
7Keith Bistodeau94$10
7Phillip Dahlheimer Jr94$10
7Andrew Koshiol94$10
10Jacob Hamsmith95
11John Nordahl96
12Mike Harrington98
12Brian Hasselman98
14Cameron Jacobson102
15Jesse Varela105
Intermediate Women
1Mikayla Anderson87$65
2Katherine Larson90$40
3Pashia Vang99
4Amelia Erickson104
Recreational Women
1Mary Dodge93$55
2Kathryn Jane Hnatyk98$40
2Phalshie Larson98$40
4Jenny Batten101
5Lora Murtha107
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