Birds and the Bs

Saturday, May 25, 2013 at John G. Lancaster Park in Lexington Park, Maryland
Ace Race


Birds and the Bs graphic


The DG Man with the DG PlanJerry Honis

About this tournament

All baskets will be in the "B" locations.

This is a 'Birdie Bash' style tournament but is not affiliated with Vibram in any way. Score points by succesfully completing holes in 2 throws or better, or hitting any metal part of the basket with your second throw. Players with the most points win.

Each participant will choose 2 of their own discs, and only those 2 discs can be used during both rounds of 18 holes.

This will be a family friendly event, with temporary Junior tees for Junior participants.

11am - 12:00pm Registration
12:00 - 12:15pm Player meeting
12:30 - Round 1 begins
30 minute break before starting round 2.

Gold (CASH awards): $20 Pre-Reg or $25 Day-of
Silver (Prize awards): $10 Pre-Reg or $15 Day-of
Family (Prize awards): $10 Pre-Reg or $15 Day-of

CLUB MEMBERS WEARING CLUB SHIRT registering the day-of recieve $5 discount.

Refund policy