Birdie or Bust at the TA

Monday, June 12, 2017 at TA Big Slick's Putter Island in Hurricane, West Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

Birdie or Bust at the TA graphic

About this tournament

Kanawha Valley Disc Golf Club and Disc Golf Sports Center is proud to announce the the opening non sanctioned event for the Kanawha Valley Disc Golf Week. Entry fees are $5.00 if you are registered for the Kanawha Valley or $20.00 if not. All players receive a disc of there choice form DGA. DGA is host sponsor.

The goal is to make as many birdies as possible. The most birdies takes home first prize.

1st place grand prize is a new Mach Lite Portable Basket ($175 MSRP),

2nd Place prize is a ProLine 3 Pack of discs .

DGA stickers to be given out to each paying competitor for the day. "

The Kanawha Valley Disc Golf Club wants to thank DGA for providing support of our tournament week !

All players may run the course one time and receive a free disc. If you want to run it again you may for an additional $5 and you will receive another free disc for each time you play. Maximum playing entries is 5 per player.

1st Place tie determined by the first player in rounds to hit most birdies. If tie still exists there will be a run off at the TA.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Sam Crowder (proud founder of the TA Big Slicks) at 304-941-9989

Refund policy

Kanawha Valley Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

1Johhny Sias11.00
2Samuel Crowder9.00
3Brandon Adkins9.00
4Brent Prudich9.00
5Brandon Hudnall9.00
6Wes Horn8.00
7Kristofer Plona7.00
8Ian Caldwell7.00
9Chris Mcurleon6.00
9Dustin Pratt6.00
11Gideon Casto5.00
12Bill Judy4.00
13Jacob Fredeking4.00
14Matt Bailey3.00
15Carter Patton3.00
16Jim Burton3.00
17Mike Cajohn3.00
18Brian Bane3.00
19Andrew Burton2.00
19Deborah Chun2.00
19William Bailey2.00
22Colin Crowder2.00
23Isaiah Barney2.00
24Tyler Moss0.01
25Brook Johnson
25Chad Klodowski
25Chris Burton
25Christain Chapman
25Joanthen Campbell
25Kyle Sinninghe
25Logan Hughes
25Matt Newlon
25Mike Kuhn
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