Birdie Battle @ Bethel - NON PRO/NON MA1

PDGA logoSaturday, May 14, 2022 at Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minnesota
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Birdie Battle @ Bethel - NON PRO/NON MA1 graphic

About this tournament

The 2022 Birdie Battle @ Bethel will consist of 2 rounds of 19 holes.

Women's divisions will play from the short tees on holes 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16.

SCORING - PDGA Live Scoring will be the primary scoring method of record. UDisc can be used as the back up/second method of scoring per PDGA rules. We will also have physical scorecards available.


CTP's - There will be separate CTP's for the following divisions:

CTP #1 - MA40/MA50
CTP #2 - MA2
CTP #3 - FA1/FA2/FA3
CTP #4 - MA3/MJ18

Refund policy

TWIN TOWN EVENTS is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

We follow the PDGA Refund Guidelines

All Waitlisted Players who do not get into the event will receive a full refund less a $5 convenience fee.


Final Results

PDGA results at
Amateur 40+
1Tony Buss5957116$191
2Dan Inderieden5959118$142
3Jeffrey "Jeffar" Rademacher6158119$114
4Brian McNeil5763120$85
4Rick Cary6060120$85
6Emiliano Monroy5963122$56
6Shane Melton6161122$56
8Mike Streff6459123$39
9Kurtis Hollar6762129
10Ben Havelka6664130
10Jeromy Magill6862130
12Jamie Lang6964133
13Jason Mikle6470134
14Michael Roesler6967136
15Josh Gladden7466140
16Michael J Dockery8482166
1Ben Schmidt5454108$127
2Daniel Miley5658114$119
3Ryley Tennyson5957116$114
4Greg Barber5958117$110
4Griffin Dahlberg5958117$110
6Alex Spence5959118$96
6Maxwell Janes5959118$96
6Mike Clark5959118$96
6Mike Wherry5860118$96
10Carlson David5862120$87
10Dan Bell6060120$87
12Anthony Sobaskie6358121$67
12Christopher Humes6160121$67
12Dan Bell5962121$67
12Trent Blais6556121$67
16Mike Schevenius5963122$43
16Wilson Rabe5963122$43
18Kaden Czech6162123
19Tom Odegaard6262124$79
20Jesse Bercich6163124
20Jordan Cisewski6361124
23Matt Himple6065125
24Isaac S.6660126
24John Stanchfield6462126
24Travis Sampson6660126
27Billy Gleason5968127
28Nathan Thannum6266128$79
29Aaron Kuck6662128
29Greg Stoffel6761128
31Ben D Barnett6366129
31Bret Hoffman6465129
31Trayton Anderson6168129
34Colin Ducklow6367130$55
35Matthew LaBarre6763130
35Phillip Dahlheimer6664130
35Ryan Heckmann6565130
35Zach Trotto6763130
39Andrew Peterson6368131$55
40Jordan Anderson7061131
40Mitchell Beneke6665131
40Nathan Samoy6665131
43Jonathon Eberly6569134
44Keith O.7166137
45Eric Clements7070140
46Andrew Stroebel6877145
1Jacob Wenig5760117$94
2Trevin Schmidt5663119$87
3Ian Gloude6358121$81
4Zac Yerrick6261123$74
5Brandon Hassel5965124$64
5Nathan DeLisle6658124$64
7Shawn Ficke6263125$51
7Zac Truehl6461125$51
9Taylor Bremness6267129$40
10Gavin Kritzeck6367130$34
11Andrew Van Vooren6368131$16
11Tyler Griffin6665131$16
13James Stanchfield6765132
14David Caccamo6766133
15Bret Walling6669135
15Joel Munt6867135
15Richard Mann7065135
18Dalton Saba6968137
19David Wymer7071141
20Eric Ziebarth7271143
21Ryan Aspholm7472146
22Tyler Collins7082152
23Kevin Sandland7778155
24Brennan Clark8672158
Advanced Women
1Sydney Kollmann6063123$76
2Mikayla Anderson7063133
Intermediate Women
1Sarah Cahill6566131$50
2Amelia Erickson6866134$34
3Meg Bartlett6874142
Recreational Women
1Shirley Van Vleet7274146$32
2Lora Murtha7474148$22
3Melissa Wymer7873151
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