Birdie Battle @ Bethel - All PRO Divisions + MA1

PDGA logoSunday, May 16, 2021 at Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minnesota
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Birdie Battle @ Bethel - All PRO Divisions + MA1 graphic

About this tournament

The 2021 Birdie Battle @ Bethel will consist of 2 rounds of 18 holes.

SCORING - PDGA Live Scoring will be the primary scoring method of record. UDisc can be used as the back up/second method of scoring per PDGA rules. We will also have physical scorecards available.

RAFFLE - As with most Twin Town events, we will have a raffle with a considerable number of items ranging from small to large. To improve the efficiency of the raffle experience, we will end the sales of raffle tickets after the lunch break and will draw the winners while players are on the course for round 2. Good luck.

CTP's - There will be separate CASH CTP's for the following divisions:

CTP #1 - MPO
CTP #2 - MP40/MP50
CTP #3 - FPO
CTP #4 - MA1

Refund policy

TWIN TOWN EVENTS is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

We follow the PDGA Refund Guidelines

All Waitlisted Players who do not get into the event will receive a full refund less a $5 convenience fee.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Paul Oman4951100$560
2Cale Leiviska5150101$370
3Dustin Honold5351104$265
4Mitchell Privette5750107$215
5Dan Beto5556111$150
5Dominik I Harris5556111$150
5Traz Sargent5754111$150
8Jesse Adams5557112$115
9Tony Anderlie5856114$105
10Ben Kroll5362115$90
10Louis LaPorta5956115$90
12Carl Hipp5759116$80
12Nick Le5858116$80
14Jake Cross5859117$70
15Ben McMullen5959118$60
16Ryan Hartman6258120
17Josh Anderson6160121
18Daniel Haataja5963122
18John Bastyr6161122
20Craig Nettleship6162123
20Joe Hegge5964123
20Michael Distad6261123
23Anthony Erickson6460124
23James Klimek6460124
25Chase Hoy6858126
25Cory Maanum6363126
27Brian Hanschen6563128
27Joe Notch6464128
29Jared Schurhammer6465129
30Remy Eisendrath6070130
31Devin Kinzler6964133
32Carl Nelson7064134
32T.J. Parlin6668134
34Brandon Dickey6669135
34Luke Kuntz6174135
36Brent Thrawl7370143
36Matthew Yanta7271143
38Taylor Hanson7572147
Pro 40+
1Michael Kurzhals6157118$145
2Steve Kristaine6063123$80
3Justin Wilcox6264126
4Andrew Cassioppi6364127
Pro 50+
1Rick Rentz6059119$190
2Raymond Oberley5861119$120
3Brian Kohout6261123$85
4Robert Rothman6659125
5Troy M Iverson6266128
6Bruce Novak6467131
7James Burchard6171132
1Matt Tomy6054114$245
2Dan Vassar5660116$200
3Jordan Rosevold6255117$180
4Jason Nance5959118$155
4Pierce Guderski5563118$155
6Jonathan Moll5960119$120
7Joseph Calabrese6555120$115
8Kyle Sparrow6161122$90
8Matt DeJong6260122$90
8Nolan Crockford6359122$90
8Samuel King6260122$90
8Spencer Singer6062122$90
13Peter Diede6162123$70
13Tanner Brosh5964123$70
15Edward Oakes6461125$50
16Alex Snyder5967126$50
17Aaron Bartlett6463127$35
17Brandon Abfalter6562127$35
17Daniel Bounds5869127$35
17Gabriel Hammond6859127$35
17Jack Duggan6562127$35
17Matt Friedman6463127$35
23Andrew Swanson6662128
23Cyrus Watrin6167128
23James-Carlo LaManna6365128
26Jared Scott6169130
26Logan Utter6664130
28Joe Hansen6467131
29Tom Odegaard6468132
29Tyler Campbell6369132
31Joshua Gabrio6866134
31Paul Yang6569134
33David Bajari6868136
33Peter Atkins7561136
33Rhami Ansari6670136
36Marcus D Schneider7166137
37Rick Holland6969138
37Sean Rolison7464138
39Michael Riedl7366139
40Felix Mannella7070140
41Ben Narloch6972141
42Brandon Bartlett6577142
43Jeff Goetsch7768145
44Donny Boucher77-77