Birdie Bash (Vibram)

Saturday, March 8, 2014 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


Birdie Bash (Vibram) graphic
Director Tiger Discs

About this tournament

Vibram Birdie Bash. Register on line. You can only use the discs that you get in the players packet. All proceeds go towards Willamette Mission State Park tee pads. More information once you register online at Vibram.

Do I get to pick my discs? Yes and no.

• You pick a driver or mid
• You pick a putter
• X-Link Medium or Firm
• You pick the weight
• Supplies may be limited

How do you know what shirt size to get me? When you register, you select your shirt size.

Do I have to use the discs I get that day? Yes! Even if you have other Vibram discs, to make it fair, you need to use these new discs.

How many divisions? Two. Men and women.

Should beginners play? Absolutely! This is a great way to get two high quality discs and enjoy a day of low pressure, high fun discing. Also, the second round groups are put together based on first round score and the winner of each group in the second round gets a bonus prize. So everyone will have a chance to win something!

How long is a Vibram Birdie Bash? It is two rounds and you will be shooting a limited number of shots per hole (usually just 2 or 3 shots). We estimate round one will take 1.5 to 2 hours, allow 1 hour for lunch and another 1.5 to 2 hours for round 2. If the event starts at 10 AM, it will probably be done around 3:00 PM or so.

Vibram Birdie Bash - $30

• Two Rounds
• Two Vibram discs OF YOUR CHOICE!
• One Shirt (S-XXXL)
• Birdies or better to earn points
• Two Champions Discs (top scoring man and woman)
• One Spirit Award Disc
• 2nd Round Card Prize: A VBB Sling Backpack
• CTPs
• Ace/Eagle: 5 points
• Birdie: 2 points
• Metal Hit: 1 point
• If no points are scored on a hole, the closest to the pin after two throws earns a point.

Scoring Examples:

Example 1: A par 3. Your drive hits the basket but does not go in. You drain your birdie putt. You earn three points: 1 point for the metal hit on the drive, 2 points for the birdie.

Example 2: A par 3. Your drive goes way left and lands 150 feet away. Your 2nd shot is straight but low and hits the post. You earn one point and there is no need to putt out.

Example 3: A par 4. On your fourth shot, you tickle the chains and do not go in the basket. You get zero points since the shot that hit chains was not for birdie or better. As it turns out, there was actually no need to even throw the fourth shot, except for funsies.