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PDGA logoSaturday, May 14, 2022 at Mountain Meadow Ranch in Christopher Creek, Arizona
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Updated May 6, 2022:

WITHDRAWALS/REFUNDS: Last day for withdrawing for a full refund is Sat, May 7th at 7pm. Refunds will not be issued after.

PROHIBITED: Alcohol and pets are not allowed on camp premises due to liability. If either is brought, you will be required to leave them in your car while on camp property.

1. $40 to stay in a camp cabin with random other disc golfers on Friday night, May 13th (you can coordinate between yourselves) or
2. Rent a full cabin with up to 8 people for $200 on Friday night, May 13th.
---Bathrooms and showers will be available to anyone spending the night at camp. No tent camping will be allowed within camp property---
3.Camping is available at Sharp Creek Campground, Christopher Creek Campground, on the road to the See Canyon Trailhead, and on top of the rim. All are just a few minutes from Mountain Meadow Ranch.
4. AirBNB and VRBO properties are available in Christopher Creek and surrounding communities.ROUND 1 PAIRINGS: Let me know if you want to be paired with anyone on the first round in your division and I'll do my best to accommodate. Round 2 will be automatically set based on 1st round score.

GLOW ROUND: Working on setting up a glow round in the meadow on Friday night, May 13th. I'll need people to bring their own baskets and then we can set it up. It might be a few bucks to play to help cover the cost of the lights...any money over the cost of the lights will go to a winner pot. Please note that while this will be open to everyone, only people paying for lodging can stay on camp premises overnight. Everyone else will need to leave camp by 10pm.

1. Saturday, May 7th is another fundraiser for camp (MMR Bigfoot Family Fling). This will be a really fun family day. Disc golf and cornhole tournaments. Camp opens at 7am. Non-sanctioned. Here’s a link to the registration if you’re interested: I'm going to try and have the pins in the short positions in the morning and long positions in the afternoon so that both positions can be played.
2. The course will also be open on Friday, May 13th at 9am. Part of everyone's registration fee goes towards reserving the camp for this entire day for everyone.


SPONSORSHIPS: $40 for a tee box sponsorship. You can display whatever you want at the tee box. Sponsorship levels dropped in price on 4/4 because we aren't partnering with the tournament on May 7th at the camp.

INCLUDED IN FEE FOR AMATEURS: Player packs include premium hats with embroidered leather patch, 2 Innova premium discs, and Nish hand-made chalk/clay bag. Meals included in the fee are breakfast and lunch. Awards for top 3 in each division.

ADDRESS & PARKING: Parking is limited, so please start coordinating carpools with friends. The Mountain Meadow Ranch address is 630 Mountain Meadow Dr., Payson, AZ 85541 It is located in Christopher Creek, even though the address says Payson. I've attached a map to make it clear where to go.

SMOKING: It will be fire season, so no smoking is allowed on the course. A designated smoking area is located near the check-in area, so please ask where to smoke before smoking. Per camp rules, this includes vaping. ANYONE SMOKING/VAPING OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEAVE THE SITE IMMEDIATELY. THIS INCLUDES PRACTICE ROUNDS THE DAY BEFORE. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. No refund will be issued under this circumstance.

COURSE SUMMARY: Located in a scenic, private camp in Christopher Creek, the course features a challenging layout with 5 meadow holes, 4 holes with the creek in play (one crossing over Christopher Creek), technical wooded shots, elevation changes, and seven par 4's over 6,600 ft length. 3 long pin locations will be played during Round 2.


TOURNAMENT SUMMARY: This is a PDGA Sanctioned, 2 round event with a rolling start; first round starts at 7:00am, second round starts at 11:40am. Times subject to change. Amateurs BREAKFAST WILL BE PROVIDED before your first round and Amateurs LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED after the end of your first round. Pros or guests can purchase meals for $5/each. Please bring your own waterbottle to reduce waste.

- Basic liability waiver will be signed at check in; $40 of the registration fee goes towards the use of the camp for both Friday and Saturday.
- Some fairways have considerable uneven footing. There is also a creek crossing where you will need to boulder-hop across the creek. IF YOU HAVE POOR BALANCE OR A BAD KNEE, portions of this course will be difficult to navigate. There are also steep dropoffs to the creek if you go OB. Please consider this before signing up.
- Power strips will be set up around the check in/lunch area so that you can charge your phones between rounds.

TEE TIMES/CHECK IN TIMES: MA3 will be first to tee off at 7:00am. 10 mins between groups. Check in 15 mins prior to tee time (minimum) or when you arrive. MA40 will tee off last to account for a logistical requirement.

WARM-UP AREA - There really isn't a good warm up area. Fairway 18 will be open until around 9:30am, which is around when the first group will be arriving at Tee 18. After 9:30am, you can walk up the road and throw on the road between Basket 8 and Tee 14. Just be mindful to keep others safe.

BATHROOMS ON COURSE - Two port-a-potties will be located near Basket 8 (which is also close to Tee 15), so please use those while out on the course, instead of the woods. There are men's and women's restrooms next to Tee 1/Basket 18. Please keep the bathrooms/port-a-potties clean.

CARTS NOT RECOMMENDED - The course is not cart-friendly, so a backpack is highly recommended. The course crosses the creek and has places that have uneven footing/rocks in the fairway.

SPECTATORS: Spectators are allowed, but need to ride with someone playing in the tournament. Parking is very limited so please carpool.

COVID PROTOCOL: If you are sick, please stay home. I will refund your entry fee.

FOOD (can be purchased using cash, Venmo, or Paypal):
1. Breakfast - Ams player package includes a nice egg/ham mcmuffin/coffee/energy bar breakfast this year! Mcmuffins sandwiches can be made to order based on preference. Pros or guests can purchase breakfast for $5 on site.
2. Lunch - Ams player package includes a sandwich/chips/fruit/snack lunch. We will have gluten-free and vegan options as well. Pros or guests can purchase lunch for $5 on site.
3. In-Tournament Concessions - There will be snacks and drinks (Red Bull, Monster, Gatorade) for sale on the course. Lunch and water will be provided to players and volunteers as part of the registration fee.
4. Pre and post event:
A. There are 2 restaurants in town. Creekside Tavern is located just offsite and are supporters of our event and offering 10% off any meal if you say you're with the Bigfoot Fling.
B. The Pizza Factory in Payson is offering 20% off your meal if you tell them you're playing in the Bigfoot Fling. The owner of the Pizza Factory is playing in the tournament.

VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers, especially for the first round as people get to know the course. If anyone has a friend or significant other willing to lend a hand during the first round, please let me know.

ALCOHOL: Camp and PDGA rules prohibit the consumption of alcohol on the course or within camp boundaries. Violation of this rule will result in immediate removal from camp property. This includes no alcohol on camp premises on Friday, May 13th and for those spending the night.

COURSE MAP and OB/MANDO DESIGNATIONS: Please see attached map and rules PDFs for clarifications on rules. If you watch the drone footage with these descriptions, you should have a very good idea of what is considered in bounds.

PLAYER PACKS: Premium hats with embroidered logo, 2 Innova premium discs, Nish hand-made chalk/clay bag, free breakfast and free lunch.

FOR SALE: Bigfoot Fling Innova Premium Discs, Extra Bigfoot Fling hats, Bigfoot Fling shirts, extra breakfasts ($5/each), lunches ($5/each), and snacks. Can be paid via cash, Venmo, or Paypal.

PRO PAYOUTS: Payouts follow the PDGA calculator. Of the $100 fee, the breakdown in costs is $40 to the camp ($20 Fri practice + $20 Sat tournament), $3 PDGA fees, and $57/pro goes into the payout pot.

"YOUNG GUNS" MPO PAYOUT - There has been a cash-added $40 prize for the top MPO player under 25 (any MPO player born on or before May 14, 1997). MPO players must show proof of age, and will be automatically entered thereafter.

AM AWARDS: Thanks to Austin Dow-Smith for making this year's awards which are laser-etched, acrylic bag tags. You will want to compete for these because they are awesome! They are in the shape of Arizona with the Bigfoot Fling logo in the middle. Bag Tag Awards go to the top 3 players in each division.

ACE POT: $5 buy-in. If no one gets an ace, then the money rolls into the Putting Challenge (50/50 split). $390 was paid out last year for an ace on Hole 8!

PUTTING CHALLENGE: $5 buy in. Anyone (even spectators) can participate! Putting challenge will be on the path by Tee 1. Each entrant will receive THREE (3) putts at each distance, beginning at 10-ft and moving back 5 ft each time a putt is made. As long as you make one of your three tries, you keep moving back. If you miss 3 consecutive putts at one distance, you're done. Unused putts do not carry to the next distance (ie, if you make your first putt, the other 2 putts don't carry over to the next distance). Tie-breaker will be whoever made the longest putt with their earliest putt (ie, if 2 people are tied with a 60-ft putt, if one person made it on their 2nd putt and the other made it on their 3rd putt, then the person who made it on their 2nd putt wins). If there's still a tie, the same tie-breaker goes to the next nearest distance, and so on. A pot $50 or less will go to the winner; a pot $55 - $100 will be split 70% winner/30% runner up; a pot over $100 will be split 65% winner/25% runner up/10% 3rd.

CLOSEST TO PIN (CTP): There are four (4) CTP prizes (TBD):
- Pro (all divisions) – Bigfoot Fling Hat - Hole 11
- MA1/MA40 – Zambia Open Champ Glow Colossus - Hole 15
- MA2/MA3 – Bag - Hole 5
- FA1 – Adam Sharp's - Hole 17

Refund policy

Mountain Meadow Ranch / Nathan Nutter is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
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