Beaver Branch Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, September 26, 2020 at Beaver Branch - Private Course in Townsend, Delaware
Disc golf singles tournament

Beaver Branch Trilogy Challenge graphic


Tournament DirectorBrian Morris
Asst. TD / Social MediaScott Morris
Asst. TDSean Morris
Course Maintenance SpecialistRick Morris

About this tournament

The Trilogy Challenge is an event that gives participants the ability to play a round using three previously unreleased discs from Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs.

THREE (3) HOUR RAIN/STORM TEE TIME DELAY option in effect! Players check emails!

This event will have a flex start - looking to set up tee times to keep people distanced spatially. Also flexible groupings - if you have a group you want to play with, we can set that up. Whoever has the most fun wins!

We will be playing a mixture of tees in consideration of water hazards, etc.

Refund policy

Brian Morris is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. In lieu of withdrawing, consider receiving the player pack, which we can get to you!


Final Results

1Brian Morris4444
2Bryan McAlees4747
3Matt Tipping4848
4Steve Hill5252
5Rob Vender5454
Amateur 65+
1Richard Morris7070
2Joe Davis7171
1Alan Harbaugh5353
1Dan Herbein5353
1Sean Morris5353
4Jamie Collier5656
5Scott Lenox5757
5Scott Morris5757
5Tom Lyons5757
8Christopher Jamison5858
8Kyle Herbein5858
10Glenn Wingard6060
10Luke Reagle6060
12Adam Jones6262
13Henry Wright6363
1Greg Sachetta6666
2Jimmy Butcofsky6767
3Mike Attanasio6969
4Austin Northcutt7575
4Herman Salter7575
6Laura Bedwell7979
6Troy Zito7979
White [rating <935]
1Eric Mann5151
2Corey Tierney5555
3Robert Dennis7474
Green [rating <850]
1Jeff Smith6060
2Jaimie Smith6666
3Quinn Smith8787
3Valerie Bergeron8787
Purple [rating <800]
1Mark Heverin6060
2Chris Baker6868
3Kaitlyn Heverin7878