Be a Legend Part 2 - Presented by BDGA

Saturday, October 1, 2022 at Lexington Legends Ballpark in Lexington, Kentucky
Disc golf singles tournament

Be a Legend Part 2 - Presented by BDGA graphic


Tournament DirectorJeff Styles
Tournament DirectorRandy Blythe
Financial DirectorAlan Siegel

About this tournament

Welcome back to the ballpark for the 2nd Annual Be a Legend!

This event will be held in Lexington Legends Stadium, home of the Lexington Legends baseball team.

Come out and throw discs all around this ballpark in a unique and fun environment!

The concession stands will be open in the afternoon until 9PM! We've also refreshed the layout for the course.

Event Details:
This is an unsanctioned event.

Registration will run through the day of the event. Preregistration is using tee times with groups of 4. We will allow walk ups the day of the event but will assign walk ups to cards as space permits to keep flow on the course. We recommend preregistering for the event to ensure your space and player pack availability.

Ace pool will be offered day of event, if no ace is hit, it will be settled by a CTP. The ace pool is $2.

The lights will be on at the stadium. The last tee time available will be 8pm.

Players will be able to purchase a second round the day of for $10. Please see event registration tent to take advantage of this and we'll help get you back out and playing.

Players will play on a temporary course made up with at least 18 holes. Those who played last year will find the return of some fan favorites and a few modified holes to keep the layout fresh.

Player packs:
- 1 Flytco T-Shirt
- 1 Discraft Disc
- 1 Birdie Bag
- Legends Baseball Ticket voucher

The cash division will play for cash payout based on number of entries and will not receive a player's pack. Cash division is open to any player.

All divisions will be receive a trophy for the top position(s) in each division.

No pets allowed

We will be following all Covid Guidelines at the time of the event.

Refund policy

Bluegrass Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Current Standings

1Paul Wynstra47
2Ryan Lamb48
3Phillip Harmon48
4Lance Haupracht48
5Tracy Bottom50
6Robert Jordan50
7Jacob Varner50
8Dennis Huizar50
9James Logan51
10Aron Dwyer51
11Christopher McCurry51
11Ethan Owens51
13Andrew Gowan52
13James Larsen52
15Levi Knapp53
15TJ Renfro53
17Barrett Wissboy54
17Ben Thornton54
17Carson Smith54
17Daniel Harr54
17Jacob Kline54
17Lance Garner54
17Warren Foy54
17Zavier Wu54
25Adam Dwyer55
25Andrew Kissel55
25Darell Motley55
28Joe Rauch56
28Stephen Cassity56
30Jennifer Wheeling57
31Marc Wynstra58
32Manny Fakkas59
33Jeffrey Dixon62
34Jaden Vaught63
35Pete G888
1Matt Vassil48
2Samuel Clark49
3Andrew Wood50
3Earl Hollon50
3John Bartram50
6Dustin Hanna52
7Brady Jahns54
8Matt Shindlebower54
9Sam Wheeling54
10Michael Merideth56
11Jarrett Spriggs61
1Van Cao47
2Willie Cline50
3Tyler Tolle50
4Brandon Tackett50
5Derrick Mcintosh50
6Andy Austin51
7Mickey Shannon51
8Andrew Monroe52
9Caleb Gay52
10Matthew Pinkston52
11Adam Roberts53
11Chap Foster53
11Daniel Arnold53
11Don Tolle53
11Jeffrey Faulkner53
11Lincoln Bruce53
11Matt Hulsing53
18Brody Thoreson54
18Bryce Jump54
18Coleman Boyle54
18Daniel Fryman54
18Jonathan Green54
18Kenneth Lawrence54
18Lewis Willian54
18Mikka Cameron54
18Nick Campbell54
18Shawn Huizar54
28Andy Foster55
28J.R. Carver55
28Jeff Styles55
31Camden Barnes56
31Hayden Tomazic56
31Jon Wynstra56
35Austin Dobbins57
35Benjamin Center57
35Connor Ward57
35Dylan Roberts57
35John Johannides57
35Justin C Siler57
35Keith Felton57
42Gavin Sohnrey58
42Kevin Neal58
42Thomas Midkiff58
42Troy Baker58
46Benjamin Bays59
46Caleb True59
48Alex McJessy60
48Chris Wilson60
48Matthew Logan60
51Tyler Brunell61
52Austin Mcpherson62
52Brandon Neal62
52Nick Deluga62
52Phillip Schad62
56Tim Tolle63
57Joey Roberts64
57Jordan Keyes64
57Ryan Garner64
60Layne Carroll65
61Jason Campbell67
62Alan Siegel68
62Zachary Hanna68
64Dean Hatton69
64Jimmie Newsome69
66Jacob Bates70
67Robert Mcfadden73
68Jamie Curtis80
69Josh Adams777
69Mike Adams777
71Aaron Sandrock888
71Adam Burniston888
71Donaven Farris888
71Elijah Cao888
71Justin Baker888
1Angel Tauson54
2Larken Laur55
3Meredith Dill60
4Brittany Lawrence60
5Afton Fairchild63
6Tara Cohen65
7Stephanie Henry69
8Carlie Hall73
9Calla Monroe74
10Carrie Watson76
10Elizabeth Caskey76
12Abra Mccurry81
13Lori Whitley888
13Sophia Cao888
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