Battle of Wilbur Young

Saturday, August 26, 2017 at Wilbur Young Park in Blue Springs, Missouri
Disc golf singles tournament


Battle of Wilbur Young graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 5th battle of the Eastern Front mini-campaign!

There will be two rounds of disc golf at Wibur Young Park!

Divisions and Payouts

Open (Men and Women) - cash payout
Am/ Rec/ J.R. (Men and Women) - Merchandise payout through DDKC

The Eastern Front Six-Part Mini-Campaign:

There will be an overall Campaign winner for each division
Best six rounds of the campaign will account for your total score
Each battle you participate in will give you a 1 stroke handicap
* Blue Valley will account for 2 strokes

SCHEDULE (updated):
Battle of Blue Valley - 3/18/2017
Battle of Water Works - 4/16/2017
Battle of Bad Rock Creek - 6/03/2017
Battle of Cliff Drive - 7/02/2017
Battle of Wilbur Young - 8/26/2017
Eastern Front D-Day (Swope Park) - 9/30/2017

Be prepared folks! THIS IS WAR!

Refund policy

Launchpad Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Wilbur Young Park
Blue Springs, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

1Jose Ossa5852110$54
2Tyler Mattoon5855113$34
6Charles Bryan6564129
1Jonathan Freeman6060120$40
2Aaron Shanahan6557122$33
3Nicholas Kolar6460124$23
3Tyler House6262124$23
6Gabe Mick6663129
7Bill Mulbrook6763130
8Chris Walker6866134
8DJ Christopher6767134
10Marcus Wolfenbarger7477151
11Austin Jones7876154
Advanced Master
1Brian Swezy6062122$29
2Gregg Mattoon6162123$20
3George Rousis7065135
4Danny Rodriguez7165136
1Thomas White6164125$26
2Nick Meyers6567132$24
3Ben Whitesel6868136$20
4Aaron Nickel6673139$17
5Keith Glendenning7269141$14
5Steve Meyer6873141$14
7Coleman Gregg7473147$10
8Dustin Browning7973152$8
9Phillip McCabe7677153
10Cole Britz8377160
11Evan Oltremare7884162
12Ken Cox8677163
13Tobias Scheffler8481165
14John Lucero8782169
15Joshua Von Stiers8288170
16Ken Beach8590175
17Ian Echlin9899197
Advanced Women
1Amy Crowe5359112$36
2Jaimee Crosby5657113$24
3Rhonda Crosby6257119
4JANICE Frantz7578153
Recreational Women
1Juliann Courtney6066126$24
2Lupe Herrada6367130$16
3Kristen Bracker6770137
4Megan Barber7068138
5Jonnie Luth8283165
Junior I - Boys
1Hugo Dwyer70-70$8
Junior II - Boys
1Ben Crowe67-67$8
2Jonas. Crowe68-68
Junior I - Girls
1Ava Meyer8776163$8