Battle of Blue Valley

Sunday, March 18, 2018 at Blue Valley Park in Kansas City, Missouri
Disc golf singles tournament


Battle of Blue Valley graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 1st Battle of the 2018 Eastern Front mini-campaign!
This is an unsanctioned event!

Sponsored by:

Launchpad Disc Golf
Kansas City Flying Disc Club
UnderPar DiscGolf
DG Nomad

This is also a KC Mini Series event!

There will be one round of 24 holes at Blue Valley!

Divisions and Payouts

We switched things up this year, an implimented a new format, we hope everyone likes it!

Cash Division $20
plays for cash

Competitive Division $15
merch payout through Launchpad DG, good throughout the mini-campaign
also can use to register for future Eastern Front events.

Trophy Division $10
Plays for trophy, every 4 players that sign up we will add a trophy in, example if 8 people sign up the top two will get a trophy
must have 3 players to create a division
Jrs. will get a trophy no matter how many sign up

*Ace fund for this event is apart of the KC mini series rolling Ace fund, it sits at $300 before the Frostbreaker!

The Eastern Front Four-Part Mini-Campaign:

There will be an overall Campaign winner for each division
Best Three Events of the campaign will account for your total score

Battle of Blue Valley - 3/18/2018 KC Mini Series Event
Battle of Cliff Drive - 6/3/2018
Battle of Wilbur Young - 8/26/2018
Eastern Front D-Day (Bad Rock) - 9/30/2018

Be prepared folks! THIS IS WAR!

Refund policy

Launchpad Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Blue Valley Park
Kansas City, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

Cash Mens
1Ashton Kroenlein707074.00$75
2Eric Eastwood727271.00$43
2John Jones727271.00$43
4Daniel Roman747473.00$24
4David Potts747473.00$24
6Jordan Renzelman767675.00
7Bowen Seiter777776.00
8Aaron Bosley787877.00
9Andrew Marquardt797978.00
11Luke Mcall848483.00
11Mattrick Wright848483.00
13Gabe Mick888887.00
Cash Mens Masters
1Duane CD Steiner727272.00$34
2Travis Trober727271.00$54
3Scott A Reek777776.00$26
4Brian Swezy818180.00
5Jaime Danger858584.00
6Shawn Edwards10010099.00
Competitive Mens
1Nicholas Kolar767675.00$81
2Silas VanHoecke818180.00$47
4D.J. Sendit828281.00$32
5Bill Mulbrook838382.00$20
5Brandon Garrison838382.00$20
5Josh Lankford838382.00$20
5Tyler Forbes838382.00$20
9Bryce Nichols848483.00$14
10Beau Cygan858584.00$12
10Ty Browning858584.00$12
12Brandon F.868685.00
13Cody Melby878786.00
14Greg Curtin888887.00
15Brian Ezell898988.00
15Chris Walker898988.00
15Joel Luker898988.00
18John Vest909089.00
19Aaron Melchionne919190.00
19Ben Conklin919190.00
19David Taylor919190.00
22Grant R.929291.00
22Larr Whaley929291.00
25Jeremy Munch959594.00
26Jeff Jacobs999998.00
27Scott Quade116116115.00
Competitive Men Masters
1Michael Krueger797978.00$30
2Patrick VanHoecke888887.00$18
3Steve Stansberry888887.00
4Jack Lowe919190.00
Competitive Women
1Ashlyn Rozean929291.00$30
2Rylee Furguson989897.00$18
3Christina Saldivar104104103.00
4Megan Barber112112111.00
Trophy Jr. 12 under
1Josiah Van Hoecke959594.00
Trophy Jr. 10 under
1Jonas Crowe112112111.00
2Atticus Koukol119119118.00
3Madeline Quade144144143.00
Trophy JR.
1Rowan Put125125124.00
Trophy Mens
1William Trimble818180.00
2Lee Allen848483.00
3Derek Meinershagen919190.00
4Keith Glendenning949493.00
5Nathan Zimmerman979796.00
6Seth Koukol989897.00
7Bruce Rowe101101100.00
8Aaron McKay113113112.00
Trophy Mens Masters
1Keith Smith10010099.00
2Steve Gaither101101100.00
3Mark Putman103103102.00