Battle for the Fort 2022

PDGA logoSaturday, May 21, 2022 at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden, Utah
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Battle for the Fort- Presented by Dynamic Discs

1 round with tee times
$55 for all divisions

Dynamic Discs is excited to invite you out to the incredible Fort Buenaventura for a one round sanctioned tournament. This is a beautiful world class course in Ogden UT that will be hosting the 2021 World Championships.

This event will run all day and we will tee off divisions together in time slots to avoid long waits for payout. Tee Times will be assigned the week of the tournament. They will run from 8:00 am -4:00 pm

Course assignments
MPO will play gold except hole 18. That will be Blue
FPO/MP40/FP40 will play Blue except hole 1 and 16 from Gold
All other divisions will be playing the Blue teepads except for hole 1 and 16 (gold pad), 9 and 14 red pad.

Caddy Book
1. Creek is OB. River and beyond is OB. No Island
Water OB.
2. Road and beyond OB. All tee shots that land out of bounds go to drop zone. Normal OB after that.
3. Any tee shot in or short of the River is OB. Go to drop zone. Normal ob rules after tee shot
4. River and beyond OB. Casual relief backwards from wood piles in fairway only
5. Mando right of marked tree. Missed Mando go to drop zone to the right. Water and beyond OB
6. River and beyond is OB if you can find a way to get to it.
7. River and beyond OB
8. No OB
9. MPO, MP40,FPO,FP40 divisions Mando right of marked tree. If missed go to drop zone. All other divisions play from red pad. River and beyond OB.
10. Creek on right and beyond OB. Triple Mando at green. If Mando is missed go to drop zone.
11. Creek and beyond left OB. Fence line and beyond right ON
12. Fence line and beyond OB. Creek and beyond OB.
13.Creek and beyond OB.
14. Creek and beyond right OB. Water in front of green OB.
15. Water OB
16. Water OB
17. MPO, FPO, MP40,FP40 Water OB. If OB on tee shot go to drop zone. All other divisions water left and fence line right OB.
18. All divisions are playing blue pad. Fence and beyond right OB. Road and beyond at green OB.

All amateur players will receive a players pack (TBD) as well as merchandise payout from the Dynamic Discs RV. You must be present for payout.

Pro payout will be handled through paypal.

Player deductions $2/3 pdga fee and $5 per player to the park.

All PDGA and state covid protocols will be followed.
Social distancing will be a priority.


- We will not be handing out physical scorecards. We will have live scoring set up through the tournament manager. Here are the details:


We will be using digital scorecards for this event. if you would like to review and research this method, please follow this link:

The ACCESS CODE for the event scoring is EASY. It is not case sensitive. To start your round with digital scoring you will need to go to the following link:

1. You will be prompted to enter the Access Code and press the Submit button.
2. Search for your name. You can search by typing in part of your name or PDGA Number. Once your name appears, you select it and confirm. This person is now the “scorekeeper”.
3. You will be prompted to select the round for which you are currently playing.
4. The scoring screen will load with your name. The default starting hole is hole 1, so be sure to choose the correct starting hole if for some reason hole 1 is not where the group is starting (e.g. shotgun start).
5. Scores for each player will be automatically defaulted to whatever the par is for the hole that is being scored. The player can use the plus or minus buttons to add or remove strokes. When all players have the correct scores, clicking Save & Continue will upload the scores and the page will automatically reload on the hole that follows.
6. The teeing order is indicated by a number presented to the left of each player's name.

If players are having issues with live scoring, they are welcome to use UDisc. It is encouraged as a backup anyway. Players need to make sure they verify all scores with the entire group before showing the TD onsite!

Please make sure you are setting a good example for everyone.

Rolling Ace Pot is optional. If an ace is not hit it carries over to the next Chasin the Chains sanctioned event. If the Ace is hit players with aces that paid in will split 80% of the ace pot. This always allows us to have added money in the acepot.

No Trophies or awards ceremony
Merchandise payout to follow round.
PROs will be paid through PAYPAL. If you cash please make sure we have your PayPal/Venmo address for you before you leave.

Refund policy

Grass Roots DG is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. PDGA refund policy applies.
Online registration closed
May 20, 2022 at 4:00pm MDT



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$10 additional fee for players without current PDGA memberships.
For help choosing a division, see the PDGA guidelines
$55.00FPOOpen Women
$55.00MP40Pro 40+
$55.00FP40Pro Women 40+
$55.00MP50Pro 50+
$55.00FP50Pro Women 50+
$55.00MP60Pro 60+
$55.00FP60Pro Women 60+
$55.00FA1Advanced Women
$55.00MA40Amateur 40+
$55.00FA40Amateur Women 40+
$55.00MA50Amateur 50+
$55.00FA50Amateur Women 50+
$55.00MA60Amateur 60+
$55.00FA2Intermediate Women
$55.00FA3Recreational Women
Event results available at
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