Battle at the Barracks

Friday, June 3, 2011 at Fort Vancouver National Park in Vancouver, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

The 3rd Annual

Battle at the Barracks

Hello fellow discers! This year for the battle we will be playing the park in warmer weather, we have chosen Sunday June 3rd, 2012. It is a bit later in the season in order to try to capitalize on some dry grass and sunshine (hopefully). Last year was a blast and we are going to continue the format but we will have more holes and divisions. We had a pretty good turnout again last year and the park service is fully on board. This year the cost is $35 if you sign up on time at This year “day of” sign ups will cost $40 (in order to encourage people to use the sign up website). So, here we are again.

Pool A- All pro divisions including advanced Ams
Pool B- All other Amateur divisions

We will be playing two rounds for each division. Pool B will start in the morning, and Pool A will start when Pool B finishes their first round. This will go on into the afternoon with the course continuing to rotate between Pools. There will be room for 144 players and multiple divisions. This will be singles only, for each division. Like last year we will have ctp’s and long drive prizes. We will be serving lunch again this year and I am happy to have Disc Golf Depot doing the script for the ams as well as cool players packs this year including a tournament disc. We will be having a raffle fundraiser to benefit Discvango and we will be doing a ring of fire.


7:15-7:45 Player check in for Pool B
8:00 Player’s meeting (Pool B)
8:15 Tee off (Pool B 1st round)
9:30-10:00 Player check in for Pool A
10:15 Player’s meeting (Pool A)
10:30 Tee off (Pool A 1st round)
12:15Player’s meeting (Pool B)
12:45 Tee off (Pool B 2nd round)
2:00 Player’s meeting (Pool A)
2:30 Tee off (Pool A 2nd round)
4:45 Ring of fire and Awards

This tournament will be pre-registration only. The cost of the tourney is $35.00 online or $40.00 the day of. All divisions must have at least 3 players. Sign-up’s are located on or You can find a map of where the park is located here See you at the park!!