Baby Schwegman's TTTS Surgery Fundraiser

Sunday, May 22, 2022 at Taylor Farm Disc Golf Course in Chanute, Kansas
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Huntyr and Bailey found out a month and a half ago that they are expecting identical twins. After two previous losses, this was the best news as it felt like their babies were coming back to them. But little did they know of the risks that come with these types of twins. About 5-15% of identical twin pregnancy develop twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), and last week they got the news that they are now part of that small number. TTTS happens when the babies blood vessels aren’t divided equally and one twin, Baby B, is the donor and the other, Baby A, is the receiver. This is extremely dangerous for both babies as the donor isn’t getting enough blood or oxygen, which prevents him from producing his own amniotic fluid. The other is getting too much, which could eventually lead to heart and other organ failure. Huntyr and Bailey flew to Miami a few days ago to meet with the only doctor that could give both babies a chance. The only treatment option to fix this condition is by laser ablation surgery. Essentially, the doctor will go in with a very small laser and try to separate the connecting blood vessels. The doctor has advised them that the best chance at saving both little guys is to stay in Miami until they reach 16 weeks gestation (May 13). Then there is a greater chance that the laser won’t puncture the amniotic sac. Since this is such new technology/surgery, insurance has denied their requests to cover it. They are having to pay everything up front and out of pocket.

Refund policy

Brady Taylor is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Sunday, May 22, 2022
- 3:00pm
Double-disc flex start that begins at 10 AM and the last card will go out at 3 PM

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$20.00FPOOpen Women
$20.00MP40Pro 40+
$20.00FP40Pro Women 40+
$20.00MP50Pro 50+
$20.00FP50Pro Women 50+
$20.00MP55Pro 55+
$20.00FP55Pro Women 55+
$20.00MP60Pro 60+
$20.00FP60Pro Women 60+
$20.00MP65Pro 65+
$20.00FP65Pro Women 65+
$20.00MP70Pro 70+
$20.00FP70Pro Women 70+
$20.00MP75Pro 75+
$20.00MP80Pro 80+
$20.00FA1Advanced Women
$20.00MA40Amateur 40+
$20.00FA40Amateur Women 40+
$20.00MA50Amateur 50+
$20.00FA50Amateur Women 50+
$20.00MA55Amateur 55+
$20.00FA55Amateur Women 55+
$20.00MA60Amateur 60+
$20.00FA60Amateur Women 60+
$20.00MA65Amateur 65+
$20.00FA65Amateur Women 65+
$20.00MA70Amateur 70+
$20.00FA70Amateur Women 70+
$20.00FA2Intermediate Women
$20.00FA3Recreational Women
$20.00MJ18Junior 18
$20.00FJ18Junior Girls 18
$20.00MJ15Junior 15
$20.00FJ15Junior Girls 15
$20.00MJ12Junior 12
$20.00FJ12Junior Girls 12
$20.00MJ10Junior 10
$20.00FJ10Junior Girls 10
$20.00MJ08Junior 8
$20.00FJ08Junior Girls 8
$20.00MJ06Junior 6
$20.00FJ06Junior Girls 6
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