BFDO BYOP Fundraiser

Sunday, July 28, 2019 at Como Lake Park in Lancaster, New York
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

This is our final BFDO Fundraiser for the year. This year we are only taking $5 per person from each team’s entry fee for the BFDO, which means more cash for you and your partner to win!!

This is a doubles event. Bring your own partner. All entry fees listed are per team. You must sign up together.

We will be at Como Lake Park using the alternate pin placements! Men will be shooting from the white tees, women from the red tees.

Round 1 will be ALTERNATE SHOT. This means both partners will not be shooting every shot. This will be played as such: Before each hole, choose a player to tee off. They throw their drive. You walk to the lie. The OTHER player then throws the second shot from that lie. You finish the hole alternating, so that one player never throws two consecutive shots. (Whoever cleans up the putt is still allowed to tee off on the next hole. New hole, new rotation.)

Round 2 will be BEST SHOT. This is the traditional way of playing doubles where both partners throw from every lie and you choose the better of the two.

There will be a lunch break lasting no longer than an hour after the last card is handed in. Lunch is not provided but there are plenty of places nearby.

Please sign up for the division of your strongest teammate. Example: You play Advanced and your partner plays Intermediate, you must play Advanced for this event. If you have a question about which division you belong in, feel free to ask me.

Refund policy

WNYDGC is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.