BDO Event #1: Unger

PDGA logoFriday, January 27, 2023 at Unger Park in St. Louis, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

BDO Event #1: Unger graphic

About this tournament

Flex start between 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. All registrations will be handled through disc golf scene.

All players must start on hole 1, 7 or 10. Any cards going out after 3 PM will be asked to keep to 3-4 tops for pace of play.

Pros paid in cash.

Ams paid in STL Disc Golf Club vouchers.

PDGA Live scoring will be utilized for this event.

STLDG Club ace pool will be in effect! Must be an STL Disc Golf Club member to be eligible. I'll have tags for sale on site.

All vouchers and ctps prizes earned from previous BDO events will be on hand.

This is a qualifying event for end of year match play and pool points will be earned based on scoring.

Refund policy

Brett Elam is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Unger Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions

Current Standings

PDGA results at
1Jesse Maraman47
2Phil McGuire49
2Roger Reyes49
4Dan Kuntz50
4Pat Ruschke50
6Adam Wofford51
6Calvin Kinsella51
6Michael Waradzyn51
6Richard French51
10Jeremiah Dwyer52
10John Ruvalcaba52
10Ryan Gorman52
10Scott Houska52
10Tyler Klingelhoefer52
15Steven Rohwedder53
16Taylor Thomas54
17Jake Anderson55
17Mike Mueller55
19Jake Sigmund56
19Jason Baird56
21Luke Sivertson57
22Brett Graham61
1Joshua Wedel57
1Brett Elam48
2Josh Lowe50
3Curtis Fialka51
4Jeff Morrison52
4Pat Mehal52
6Caden Durr53
7Phillip Wall56
7Tim Trehy56
9Henry Sundermann57
9Jimmy Nelson57
9Tommy Reyes57
12Nick Schleicher58
1Joe Bryson63
1Chad Loegering51
2Victor Roark53
3Gene Stephens54
4Sean Stewart60
5John McDale63
6Scott Schumann67
1Robert Kozlowski60
1John Seward67
1Chris Wynn57
2Donald Billing59
2Glenn Bietsch59
4Alan Clifton61
5Denny Fasnut63
1Thomas Wade53
2Luis Rodriguez55
2Neil Wessling55
2Pat Vogt55
5Brian Dulski56
5Eric Peal56
5William Hellmuth56
8Eric Sisco57
9Jon Stulce58
9Nicholas Loynd58
11Clayton Baldus59
12Brad Dailey60
13Brian Behr61
13Corey Sauer61
13Matt Utermark61
13Maxwell Moore61
17Garrett Smith62
17Greg Williams62
1Matt Clausen51
2Collin McCartney53
3Gage Crowell55
3Jonathan Hellwig55
5David Cerven56
5Patrick Remming56
7Scott Weber58
8Cousin Dil59
8George Hyland59
8James Ly59
8Tommy Webb59
8Travis Agne59
13Ian Borella60
13Justin Peabody60
15Adrian Howard61
15Ben Hingst61
15Dominic Fecarotta61
15Nicholas Waggoner61
19Jon Perez62
20Daniel Suba63
20Kenny Schill Jr63
20Matthew Radtke63
23Derek LaFaver64
24Joel Lender65
25Michael Higginbotham66
26Charlie Akers68
27Sean Rutledge70
1Jeremy Muehling56
2John Platt62
3Andrew Schrautemeier63
4Todd Bernstein65
5Andy Magnusson75
1Brie Miller58
2Ashley Pickett59
3Alex Peterson61
4Odessa Engstrom64
5Hayley Day69
1Emma Randolph68
2Alexia Eguires69
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