Auburn Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 24-25, 2021 at Auburn Regional Park in Auburn, California
Professional B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

The tournament will be one round a day with tee times. Tee times will start at 7:00 and be four players every 12 minutes. Due to covid restrictions we will be encouraging all players to not hang out at the course for as much as possible, wear masks when necessary, and social distance as much as possible. We will be using the PDGA electronic scorecard along with having a paper card for the group. If you have never used the digital scorecard from PDGA there is info at the PDGA website here
Division caps will be adjusted when divisions fill and other divisions don't seem to be filling up.

Refund policy

ChainZombies is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Josh Sparlin5255107$753
2Thomas Tomaselli5256108$576
3Gabriel Neustadt5753110$427
4Sam Minges5754111$356
5Nathan Grayem5359112$307
6Leif Swenson5954113$269
7Colin Chambers5856114$246
8Chris Basuino5561116$208
8Jacob Blair5957116$208
8Jeffrey Faes6056116$208
11Buck Brogdon5760117$164
11Grant Barr5958117$164
11Jason Herm5958117$164
11Jason Johnson5958117$164
15Cedar Morgan6058118$137
15Kyle Normand5860118$137
15Michael Redwine5860118$137
18Jaden Chezem5861119
19Matt Neiman5961120$121
20John Howell6161122$110
20Mike Westlund6260122$110
20Nathan Vincent6260122$110
23Armando Lopez6558123$56
23Cody Vanriper6063123$56
23Danny Kerfeld6063123$56
23Tim Lesuer5865123$56
27David Anthony Snider6360123
28Brent McCoy6361124
28Bruce Knisley6064124
28Casey Hendrick6262124
28Frank Martinez6361124
32Stephen Keister6659125
33Beau Cleveland6066126
33Evan Osgood6066126
33James Sacher6561126
33Jordan Brooker6462126
37Brandon Lohmann5968127
37Ryan LaRue6562127
39Doug Simon5870128
39Nicholas Muth6365128
41Chase Chamberlain6366129
41Dale Gatlin6465129
43Ethan Rivera6367130
43Will Collins6367130
45Brandon Shane Eggenberg6071131
45Dustin Evanger6665131
47Jake Wyatt6567132
47Jerime Saunders6369132
49Dan Kitowski6667133
49Jesse Kerfeld7063133
51John Siglock6569134
52Andrei Anderson6768135
53Alex Waldron6769136
53Jake SnakeDog Mickelson6670136
55Justin Oliver6968137
56John Miller7167138
57Jeremy Boylan6277139
58Ian Owen59-59
59Jett Livingston68-68
60Derek Roper75-75
61Brian Dyrdahl--0
1David Madruga5755112$532
2Brian Caudle5759116$367
3Rudy Pulido5960119$278
4Mike Peremba6061121$217
5Jay Baehr6161122$150
5Ruben Alaniz6161122$150
7Kristofer Mickelson6360123$102
7Marco Benites6459123$102
9Greg Chapp6263125$41
9Roy Quilantan6263125$41
11Shaun Long6958127
12Greg Breazeale6564129
13Jeff Munsch6367130
13Justin Weilacher6367130
15Christopher Hart6567132
15Joe Rutter6666132
15Sam Pates6468132
18Chris Caudle6667133
19Chris Raudenbush6870138
20Jason TROGlin7267139
20Ryan Zatkulak7069139
22Jason Lane6976145
1Mike Loya5958117$434
2Robert Jerez6357120$259
2Robert R. Bainbridge5961120$259
4Blake Tresan6061121$148
4Terry Sutton6160121$148
6Doc Little6458122$96
6Mike Griffith6161122$96
8Michael Guerrero5964123
9Scott Duncan6263125
10Ron "Skull" Brown5868126
11Joe Hart6266128
12Chris Carpenter6267129
13KC Seymour7065135
13Will Wasserstrom6966135
15Kurt Heiner6670136
16Christopher Calleton6872140
1Michael Cloyes6164125$295
2Richard Brumbeloe6065125$185
3Doug Werner6561126$119
3Edge Dostal6363126$119
5Billy Lane6668134
6Ken Contryman7165136
7Rett Smart8075155
8Doug Johnson--0
1Kristine King6566131$300
2Camille Skweir6767134$189
3Amanda Zaccone6871139$141
4Briana Ingraham7474148
5Bryn Vollenweider7381154
6Jennifer Heck7981160
7Renee Daley8491175
1Lorena Dostal6872140$225
2Jenn Morgan7176147$135
3Jessica SHIELDS7581156
4Jenny Michel7884162
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