April Fool's Worst Shot Doubles

Sunday, April 1, 2012 at Knollwood Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament


About this tournament

Our annual April Fool's Worst Shot Shenanigans are back! Test your ability to fight nature itself by playing the exact opposite of a doubles game! This year, the event will be two rounds in length with some possible extra holes, there will be several Longest Putt prizes included in the $30 per team (15 for each team member) entry fee. As long as the disc is in the basket, your turn is over, if not, you take the farthest from the pin out of your team's two shots. Not for those that are quick to anger, this difficult, yet lighthearted tournament is sure to be a fun time!

All skill levels/ages/genders are welcome and there is only one division of play!



Final Results

Round 1: Knollwood Park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Knollwood Park - Main course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Jon Perry
Dan Treece
394786 (-22)$300
2Pat O'Connor
Bob Ramsdale
455095 (-13)$150
3Mike Phillips
Brian Vanderwell
475097 (-11)$90
4Jeff White
Josh King
514798 (-10)
5Kyle Clarey
Matt Carpenter
4855103 (-5)
6Dave Down
Ralph Matrau
4957106 (-2)
7Kirk Wagenvelt
Greg Festian
5057107 (-1)
8Dakota Roc
Scott Freiberg
5454108 (E)
9Mike Green
Stephen Blink
5654110 (+2)
10Mike Paul
Lance Pierce
5657113 (+5)
11Skai Martin
Adam Veenkant
5759116 (+8)
12Tim Oudekirk
Brandon Termeer
5957116 (+8)
13Chris Smith
Patrick Fulkerson
6156117 (+9)
14Tyler Gabris
Frederick Dubsack
5962121 (+13)
15Dylam Lemley
Andy Schroeder
5766123 (+15)
16Josh Bloomfield
Travis Tullis
6559124 (+16)
17Jonathan Tyler
Amy Paff
6561126 (+18)
18Josh Barclay
Billy Demarest
6564129 (+21)$30