Angry Squirrel - Sun - 2021

PDGA logoSunday, April 11, 2021 at Victory Park in Albion, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Fun tournament at the awesome Victory Park in Albion, MI. Best water hazards in the world!

2 rounds of 18
CTPs, Ace Pool


Thank you for coming to this year’s Angry Squirrel. We are going to do our best to hold this tournament during a pandemic. We are going to take some precautions and ask that you cooperate with us and are patient as we do our best to limit contact between people during this event. We ask that you practice social distancing and try to maintain a 6’ distance from others. That you use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when around others and when handling tournament equipment and tournament merchandise. We also request that you respect others and their wishes regarding their comfort level of exposure. If someone asks you to move a little further away from them, just move a little further away. Failure to practice social distancing could result in expulsion from the tournament.

There is no player’s meeting. This letter will work as your meeting and you are expected to know the information provided in it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will also be posting tournament information by the bulletin board. Please check there as the day goes on for any new information and announcements.
Scoring this year will be primarily be done using the PDGA live scoring App.

The website is: www.pdga/apps/tournament/score/login

The codes for this event are:

Sat – AS!Sat21
Sun – AS!Sun21

If you and your group are unable to use this App to do the live scoring, please get a scorecard from Tournament Central for each person. Each person should keep their own card and do not share the scorecards among the group during the round. The scorecards must be turned into Tournament Central after the round.

Tee assignments are posted online. We will also be keeping a leaderboard for everyone to look at. The Online posting will take precedence over the leaderboard in case of any discrepancy between the 2.

We are playing 2 rounds of 18 holes on the long tees.

The 2-minute warning will be blown at 9:30am for the first round. Please make sure to be on your tee by then. The time for the second round will be posted at Tournament Central. Those are the times for the 2-minute warning. So, be on your tee at that time and ready to go.

We ask that you clear your disc from the basket after making your putt and that you only handle your own discs. Please, no clearing of someone else’s disc and handing it back to them.

Awards are also different and for amateurs, it will take longer to get your stuff. There will be no awards ceremony. The final standings and payout will be posted on the leader board. Pros will have their choice to collect cash at the event or get their money sent via PayPal. Amateurs will have to wait to get called off to come and select their winnings. We will only be allowing a few at a time to select their stuff to limit how close people get to each other. This will be done by the top finishers in divisions going first. Amateurs are also expected to wear PPE to select their stuff. We also ask that you please select your stuff quickly as there will be others waiting to select their stuff. Once your division’s results are posted, please do not go too far from Tournament Central so you can hear when you are called (if you finished in the payout). Amateurs can also select their winnings on another day (Saturday winners can come back Sunday in the middle of the day) or have their payout mailed to them (postage would come out of payout). If you would like to collect your winnings another day, please let us know your plans. We are not responsible for tracking people down to get them their stuff. We will work with you to accommodate what you would like but you must communicate with us first.


In general:
The river is OB.
The cement/stone walls around the river are in bounds.
The holes between the stone walls and the land are in bounds and casual relief is allowed.
Bridges are in bounds, except where noted.
Bricks along roads are in bounds.
Paint lines along washed out areas are, essentially, the water’s edge and are OB.

1: OB: Road and over. Island in the road. The tee is in an OB area and drives must cross the road.
2: OB: Sidewalk on left and over.
3: OB: Road and over.
5: OB: Road on left and over and paved path long of the basket and over.
6: OB: Paved path on left and road long of basket and over.
7: OB: Road on right and over. On paved path.
8: OB: The tee is in an OB area and drives must cross the road. Roads on or over.
9: OB: Road on left and over. The water in front of the basket and the river long of the basket. If your disc is touching the cement wall, you are in bounds.
12: OB: All water, on the road that crosses the fairway, fence on left of side the fairway, the building on the right side of the fairway, and road and over on the right of the fairway.
13: OB: Paved path on right, on or over.
14: OB: Bridge and paved path and over.
15: OB: Paved path on the left, the large pavilion, and cement around the pavilion.
16: OB: Road on the right and over. Road long of basket and over. Tee is in-bounds area (drives do not have to make it across the road).
17: OB: Road on right and over, pavilion, band shell, basketball courts, and on the large, paved path. The narrow, paved path is not OB.
18: OB: Road long of basket and over. Basketball courts.

Refund policy

K'Aces Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

A 100% refund is available until the tournament reaches full capacity and is within one week of the event. After which 100% refund is dependent on filling the vacant spot. If spot does not fill, 50% of the entry fee will be forfeit.

Refunds requested within 24 hours of the event starting are subject to 50% of the entry fee being forfeited if the vacant spot can be filled. Otherwise 100% of the entry fee is forfeit if the spot does not fill. Players forfeiting their entire entry fee are entitled to their player's package but must request package and provide address to be shipped to. Players have up to a week after the event to request their player's package, otherwise the player's package becomes forfeit.

Ace Pool, 50/50, and PDGA non-member fees will be refunded, regardless of timing of refund request, unless player "No shows".

A "No show" is someone that does not inform the tournament that they will not be coming by the first round tee. "No shows" forfeit all monies, but can claim player's package. They must request package and provide shipping info. Players have up to a week after the event to request their player's package, otherwise the player's package becomes forfeit.

It is not the tournament or tournament staff's responsibility to communicate or get players their refunds or player's packages unless they are requested by the player.