Putting Cup presented by Cheboygan Brewing

Saturday, February 18, 2023 at Turtle Creek Stadium in Traverse City, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

Putting Cup presented by Cheboygan Brewing graphic

About this tournament

Bring your own partner, indoor putting tournament!
Horseshoes/cornhole style
3 game guarantee

Cash payouts for the top 3! Winners will also receive Pit Spitters tickets!

This event will be held inside the Pit Spitters batting tunnel at Turtle Creek Stadium.

Food, beverages, and snacks will be available for purchase.
Menu includes: Hot dogs, burgers, soda, beer, liquor, and other ballpark snacks!


Player Pack
- Sportsack
- Zing Pico Mini Can Topper
- Aloft Patch

- First team to meet or exceed 21 points wins the match
- Win by 2 or more points
- 1 point per putt made
- 3 points per double
- No cancellations (all points in a frame are counted)

- Team members at opposite baskets
- 2 discs per team
- 2 putts per player, per frame
- Putting distance is ~30ft
- Foot fault line cannot be crossed or stepped on
- No jump putts
- Team must use the same 2 discs for an entire match
- Discs can be changed between matches
- A disc that comes to rest in the basket after making contact with the ground or netting does not count
- Frame is complete once both players putt, or team forfeits due to inability to keep game alive.

Putting Rotation
First team listed putts first to begin a match. The player/team who scored in the preceding frame putts first in the next frame. If neither player/team scores, the player/team who putted first in the preceding frame shall retain first putt in the next frame.

Speed Radar Station
Bring your drivers and see how fast you can throw!

Fast Drive Competition
Fastest throw wins Pit Spitters tickets! (unlimited attempts)

Win a Basket!
We are raffling off a Discraft Chainstar Lite. Tickets are $5 each

Event Sponsors
- Cheboygan Brewing Co.
- ERG! Energy Bars
- Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash

For event questions or sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Tournament Director.

Refund policy

Withdrawals and refunds will be handled in accordance with PDGA policy. https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/103

All withdrawals will be assessed a $10 handling fee.


Final Results

Round 1: Turtle Creek Stadium - Main course Regular tees, 1 holes, par 3
1Cam Marshall
Jake Ogemaw
11 (-2)$600
2Adrian Meli
Josh Elmer
22 (-1)$320
3Kyle Williams
Rob Hipp
33 (E)$200
4Chad Jones
Chris Martinez
44 (+1)
5Aaron Tracy
Brian Kent
55 (+2)
5Amy Church
Jason Church
55 (+2)
5Andrew Roesstorff
William Plut
55 (+2)
5Eric Miler
Tony Gerou
55 (+2)
9Austin Bannen
Cam Benak
66 (+3)
9Brad Briggs
Ryan Michiels
66 (+3)
9Brandon Walker
Jake Peters
66 (+3)
9David Gross
Dustin Mervyn
66 (+3)
9Grant McMullen
Nic Berg
66 (+3)
9Rachel Terryn
Travis Lowe
66 (+3)
15Alex Parker
Josh Parker
77 (+4)
15Amanda Lennington
Taylor Wilhoit
77 (+4)
15Brian Franke
Josiah Grant
77 (+4)
15Cameron Lange
Travis Menig
77 (+4)
15Chris Tollenaar
Russ Ferrier
77 (+4)
15Colby Squires
Victor Woodhams
77 (+4)
15Craig Clingan
Sean Mannooch
77 (+4)
15Gregory Butterfield
Kody Kiogima
77 (+4)
15Jared Hunt
Tony Paladino
77 (+4)
15Jordan Carr
Nick Burch
77 (+4)
15Kendall Hermes
Yooper Dan Fleming
77 (+4)
15Kenny Miller
Marc Hamlin
77 (+4)
15Matt Leffew
Mike Wojey
77 (+4)
15Todd Lewis
Tracy Fagan
77 (+4)
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